French and Indian War

  • Albany Plan of Union

    The Albany Plan of Union was a meeting, in Albany NY which declaired that British could have security to protect themselves against the French.
  • Albany Congress approve Franklin's plan

    Benjamin Franklin had an idea called the Albany Plan of Union. This famous idea was to join all 13 colonies together. The Congress apporved this but not all colonies accepted it.
  • Washington surrenders Fort necessity

    Fort Necessity was flooded from heavy rain before the war. This caused all of the gun powder to get soaked, which forced Washington to surrender.
  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity was built by George Washington. It was located in a great medow, Pensilvania,
  • Braddock Defeated

    Braddock along with his English and colonial forces are defeated by the French and Indians at fort Duquesne.
  • Acadians expelled

    6,000 Acadians are expelled fron Nova Scotia after refusing to swear loyalty to Britain.
  • Official Start of french and Indian War

    The British had declaired war on the french because both sides wanted more land. This war went on for years. In the end, british gained land and the french lost land.
  • English declare war on French in Europe

    The English declaired war of the french In Europe. This war went of for seven years.
  • Louisburg Captured

    General Jeffery Amherst captures Louisburg.
  • English win the battle of Quebec

    The English won the battle of Quebec. Wolfe and MMonteclam were killed during this battle.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Teh Treaty of Paris ended the war.
  • Pontiac's Rebellion

    Pontiac's Rebellion is an event that increased British control in North America. This borught White settlers into Indian land.