French and Indian War

  • Fort Necessity

    Virginia sends George Washington to build a fort just east of what we know today a Uniontown, Pennsylvania, but he surprisingly finds that the French were already there, causing Washington to quickly build the worst fort in history. The French easily made Washington and his men surrender an it began the unoffical start to the French and Indian war.
  • Albany Plan of Union is Suggested

    Ben Franklin suggests the Albany plan of union and for the Colonies to come together so they can be stronger. Franklin gets this idea from the Iroquoi Indians who had 3 tribes come together as one.
  • Battle at Fort Duquesne

    British built a fort on French land and this causes a conflict between the two sides. In this battle the French take over this fort and British general Edward Braddock id killed and George Washington leads the retreat.
  • British Decide to Eliminate French Precense in North America

    Once the British find out that the French were on the land which they thought was theres the British decide to eliminate the French so they can claim there land back. This is important because it caused the French and Indian war to start after the French captures fort necessity.
  • Tides Turn For British

    With William Pitt leading the British moral causes the British to go unbeatable against the French for several years and this changes the perspective on the war for the British and helps them make the French even weaker to help the British win the war.
  • Who Should Pay Taxes

    I this war a big contraversey occurs between the British and the Colonists on who should pay taxes. The British think the Colonists should pay taxes because they are protecting them, but at the same time the Colonists think the British should pay the txes because it is there job to protect them so they should worry about the money they need for the war. This is important because it makes the British and the Colonists not like eachother and cause the moral ofthe soilders to go down a lot.
  • William Pit Becomes A Foreign Minister.

    William Pit becomes a prime minister and offers a compromise so the the British would reimburse assembles for their costs. This was important because it boosted the colonial moral to help them fight and made them feel better about how the war would turn out.
  • Fort William Henry

    French general Montcalm forces the surrender of the British forces at fort William Henry more than 150 men were killed and 500 were taken ransom after the French massacred against the British. This was the battle that offically started the French and Indian war.
  • English Capture Fort Niagara

    The English fight the French and capture fort Niagara to help control more water ways to help the French get weaker because of the lack of supplies the French will be able to get for a long time.
  • British captures the city of Quebec

    On 1759 the British fight the French for the city of Quebec. This was important because whoever controls Quebec controls the water ways which is how the two side got their supplies for the war and when the British captured Quebec they cut off the Fench from getting supplies.
  • Treaty of Paris

    In 1763 the Treaty of Paris was signed and it was important because the French lost it's Canadian possesion, most of it's empire in India and lost claims to the land east of the Mississippi RIver. While the English got all French lands, in Canada, exclusive rights to Carribean slave trade and commercial dominance in India. So the French ended up loosing land and the English gained land.
  • End of Pontiact's Rebellion

    The war ends when the rebellion of the Native Americans ends. This happened because the Indians wnated revenge because they fought in the war but they got no land in return which causes the Indian s to attack a British fort in Detroit. After the Indians give up the Indians end there rebellion which ends the French and Indian war.