French and Indian War

  • Ohio Valley Battle

    Ohio Valley Battle
    This battle was important because whoever won would have really good farming land. This battle was in Ohio.
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    French and Indian War events

  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    This specific fort was built by George Washington and his troops near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Later, the fort was attacked by the French and George Washington and his troops were defeated. But, the real start of the French and Indian war didnt officially start until around 2 years after the attack at Fort Necessity.Fort Necessity was important becauseit was a way of shelter not very planned out and sturdy shelter but shelter.
  • Washington Resigns

    Washington Resigns
    Washington resigned because he was blamed for the loss of Fort Neccesity. This is important because George Washington was one of very few people that decided to change the ways of the British fighting techniques and it caused the British to win more often. He made his famous resignation speech in the Old Senate Chamber and officialy resigned on december 23rd,1783.
  • General Braddock dies

    General Braddock dies
    8 miles from Fort Duquesne the French attacked General Braddock and his troops. The suprise attack killed many of General Braddock's troops and himself. This was important because one of the Generals was killed and General Braddock gave a lot for the war and wasnt even killed in action but killed going to his headquarters.
  • Lake George

    Lake George
    The Lake George battle was fought at Lake George New York.Victory! This battle was one of the first victories of the French and Indian war won by the British.The British were able to stop the French and win.This battle was won without any British soldiers. The battle of Lake George is important obviously because it was one of the first British victories.
  • Official start of the war

    Official start of the war
    Great Britain declares war on France and France declares war on Great Britain. It started in America. This is important because it officialy started the war,
  • Massacre at Fort William Henry

    Massacre at Fort William Henry
    Fort William Henry was positioned in upstate New York. The massacre at Fort William Henry was important because it killed more than 200 troops.
  • Peace between the French and the Indians

    Peace between the French and the Indians
    The British make Peace with thee Iroquois,Shawnee, and Delaware indians. But, the first t come forward and negotiate with the British were the Ottawa Indians led by Chief Pontiac. Sir William Johnson,the British Superintendent of Indian Affairs, made a 1,000 mile round trip to Detroit to talk with the local Indians and get them on his side. this was important because it made the French stronger.
  • Spain enters war

    Spain enters war
    Spain enters war on France's side. The new Spanish king,King Carlos lll was a cousin of King Louis XV of France. Spain joining the war was important because it made France more equal to the British. New France didnt have many colonials to fight so the Spanish uniting together helped the French.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris was obviously signed in Paris, France. It was important for many reasons including: England claimed Canada,the Ohio Valley to the Mississippi and Florida. Also, the Treaty of Paris declared the official end of the war and showed that the British had won. Also, Spain got the Rockies to Mississippi, used to belong to France. And for winning the war England got control of the slave trade.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    A battle won by the British over the French. This was one of the turning points in the French and Indian war and it was when the British cut off the supplies to New France. IN battle English General James Wolfe and French General Marquis de Montcalm. The battle of Quebec was important because during Quebec it controlled access to The Saint Lawrence River, The Great Lakes and the Ohio River Valley.