Newfrance 1763

French and Indian war

  • Period: to

    French and Idian war

  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    George washington and his men bilt fort Necessity in penslivania. when the french came he was able to hold them off until it started raining and their gun poder got wet. when the fort was captured Washington escaped. it was't bilt in a good spot but he needed it to hold the french off.
  • Lake George

    Lake George
    the britch pland to push back the french and take lake george. the first wave of men after geting there retreted and tryed to take another fort and they sucseded to push the french back.
  • Fort Dequeane

    Fort Dequeane
    In Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.
    George washington was sent to capture the fort from Franch. he failded but came back with General Edward Braddock but losted again
  • War Declared

    War Declared
    english declare war with france.
  • Fort Oswego

    Fort Oswego
    The French capture this fort on the banks of the Great Lakes. any fort on the river was importint because they can get suplys and stop other ships.
  • Fort Louisbourg

    Fort Louisbourg
    Fort maid to protect the vilige and the sea. maid by the french located today in canida west of wolfes landing
  • Fort Frontenac

    Fort Frontenac
    a french fort inportent for sending troops to the west near the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River
  • Fort Niagara

    Fort Niagara
    the fort is near the entrence of the Niagara river 13 mials from Niagara falls in new york ,restored between 1926 and 1934
    also used for the river
  • Quebec

    importint because it can control the river, James Wolg and Marquis de Motcalm dided at the battle of Quebec also in canida
  • Montreal French Surrender

    Montreal French Surrender
    french trups retreted from montreal burning towns along the way
  • Treaty of faris

    Treaty of faris
    the treaty sstated that britin got the land from the mississippi to the east spain got from the mississppi to the west and the french left.