French and india  war

French and Indian War

  • Ohio River Valley

    Ohio River Valley
    French troops seize and fortify the Ohio River valley. The British plan to take it over.
  • Beginning of The French and Indian War

    Beginning of The French and Indian War
    French and Indians defeated the British at Fort Necessity. General Washington surrenders after losing almost half of his troops.
  • Expansion of the war

    Expansion of the war
    The beginning of the sever year war begins as Great Britain declares war on France incresing the North American conflict into Europe, Africa, and South Africa
  • Disputes begin to rise

    Disputes begin to rise
    The French captured Fort William Henry which was led by Montcalm. After the surrender, Montcalm's actions forms a conflict over his Indian allies who began to capture and kill hundreds of unarmed British
  • British ask for more suport

    British ask for more suport
    The British implements organized policies to recieve more colonial support for the war.
  • France begins to collapse

    France begins to collapse
    French surrender Quebec after a brutal battle on the Plains of Abraham.
  • Conflict ends

    Conflict ends
    The British capture Montreal which ends the conflict in North America.
  • The end of The French and Indian War

    The end of The French and Indian War
    The Treaty of Paris ends the war between Britain and France
  • American Indian nations unite

    American Indian nations unite
    The American Indian nations begin to unite in an effort to push the British off of their land. Unfortunately the British army defeats the Native Americans.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    King George III signs the Proclamation. This Proclamation reserved land for the Indians.