French and Indian war

  • the first battle for Washington

    the first battle for Washington
    Washington leads150 Virginians to victory over a French party
  • Albany Congress

    Albany Congress
    the Albany congress approves of Ben Franklin's Plan of the union but Colonies dont approve.
  • French party 1754

    French party 1754
    Gorge Washington built this and didnt think it through 1 because it was a bunch of sticks standing up and 2 is that it was built in a vally so when it rained the fort flooded and the gun powder was no good
  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    George Washington built Fort Necessity
  • Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    The Fort is surrendered.
  • Fort Duquesne

    Fort Duquesne
    General Braddok got defeted by the French and Indians
  • Lake Gorge

    Lake Gorge
    Johnson and Hendrek win at Lake Gorge.
  • war is declared

    war is declared
    The English declare war on the French in Europe , where it is called the 7 year war.
  • Troops are expelled

    Troops are expelled
    6,000 Acadians are expelled from Nova Scotia after not obaying the crown
  • Louisburg is captured

    Louisburg is captured
    General Jeffrey Amherst captures Louisburg.
  • Fort Niagra

    Fort Niagra
    Johnson's English soldiers and Iroquois captured Fort Niagra
  • End of war

    End of war
    Treaty of Paris (the end of the war.)