• Fort Necessity

    Fort Necessity
    Fort Necessity was the unofficial start to the French and Indian War. The French were over British boundaries so they sent George Washington, a new officer, to attack and keep watch on the French. He quickly realized that he had to build a fort, and built one of the worst forts ever, and it was Fort Necessity. He built it IN the valley, and it was poorly built. During the battle, it was rainging so the British started flooding ruining all of their supplies so they had to surrender their Fort.
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  • Albany Plan of Union

    Albany Plan of Union
    The Albany Plan on Union was purposed by Benjamin Franklin as a new form of government for the colonists. I had three major points. The first one was to for the comlonists to form a union. He saw how strong the Iroquois Indians were since they were united with six tribes so he wanted that for the colonies. The second point was to have a governer appointed by the King rule them. The final major point was to have reps. from the colonies to form a council for the governer. The plan fails epically.
  • Edward Braddock's Arrival

    Edward Braddock's Arrival
    Edward Braddock was an English military official, who had been fighting since he was fifteen. He was chosen by the British to eliminate the French prescence on North America. He was highly respected, but he only fought in the traditional European style. This didn' t work in America because there was no room to march through the woods, and the French fought in a geurilla style, which made the British forces vulnerable. He arrived on February 20th and he largely impacted the war.
  • William Pitt

    William Pitt
    William Pitt became the foreign minister and took control off war and foreign affairs. He was able to turn the war completely around for the English. he was able to raise morale, understood the colonists, and adapted the war stratedgy to fit the frontier landscape. This made them from pretty much garenteed loss in the war, it put them back in the fight. He was a big reason that the English won instead of the French.
  • War is Declared

    War is Declared
    The official beginning of the war was in May, 1756. Before that, they had been fighting an undeclared war for around a year and a half. They had just been random battles attempting to eliminate the others presence.
  • Fort William Henry

    Fort William Henry
    Fort William Henry was located at Lake George. The British had a fort located there for a while and the French were fighting for the territory for quite a while so eventually they took a general from another fort, and reenforcements and started fighting all over again the next day. With the reinforcements of the French side, the British surrendered. They made a deal and slowly the British evacuated the fort. However the Hurons wanted their share and ambushed/ massacred the British.
  • Quebec

    The British attacked the Fort at Quebec because it controlled all waterways, giving them the power to cut off all French supplies which they did, signaling the end of France's power on the continent. After Quebec became British, they were able to win the war much easier. The battle caused the death of both Wolfe and the Marquis de Montcalm. One major person from each side.
  • King George ll Dies

    King George ll Dies
    1760 - October 25; death of George II. His grandson George III becomes King of Great Britain and America.
    King George ll dies so his grandson King George lll takes over and makes some decisions that will eventually make the colonists upset, and ultimately hurt the ties between Britain and the colonies.
  • Spain and France become Allies

    Spain and France become Allies
    Spain becomes allies with the French and the Indians and start to fight the British as well. Since the choose a side, they were affected by the end of the war.
  • William Pitt Resigns

    William Pitt Resigns
    Since George ll died, George lll took over and forced the resignation of William Pitt, the reason the British were so successful in the war. Pitt promised that Britain would pay for their half of the war during the war to boost the morale. Since he was forced to resign, those promises were never able to be kept so the already not-so-good relationship between Britain and the colonist severed further.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris ended the war between England (the Colonies) France, Spain, and the Indians.
    Almost everyone were treated like losers in the treaty except for the British (the colonists) becasue they were the only winners. The French were completely kicked off the continent except for two small fishing islands in the Caribbean. Spain got west of the Mississippi River but lost Florida.The British had gotten Florida, all of French lands, exclusive rights on slave trade, and their current land.
  • Pontiacs Rebellion Begins

    Pontiacs Rebellion Begins
    The Indians were extremely upset with the English because of how they were treated, scammed, and disrespected. Chief Pontiac has enough and started a rebellion against the the settlers. the colonists started using germ wrfare and started to kill the Indians by 'gifting' them small pox.
  • End of Pontiacs Rebellion

    End of Pontiacs Rebellion
    Pontiac's polularity lowered so his side grew weaker and the English made a treaty with them and they were forced to sign because of their lack of power. The rebellion attempted to get Indians more equal rights as the white men, which eventually did happen, but instead then just killed many.