French indian war

french and indian war

  • Period: to

    French and indian war

    this is the war between the frinch and the english settlers and the indians
  • french win fort duquesne

    french win fort duquesne
    Gen. Braddock's men suround the fort giving the british no choice
  • French take fort oswego

    French take fort oswego
    comander montcalm attacks the fort and sucesfully takes it.
  • Massacre at fort william henery

    Massacre at fort william henery
    Indian forces kill 185 and take 310 british solders hostage
  • Period: to

    william pit helps guide british efforts

    as secretary of state pitt promeses money to indians if they help the brittish
  • louisburg taken by indians

    louisburg taken by indians
    british indian american forces overwelm french who abandon louisburg
  • british forces retake fort duquesne

    british forces retake fort duquesne
    british forces burn down the fort
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    the french forces take qubec battling harshly up the hill. gen wolf and comander monticam are each killed in this battle
  • Battle of Quiberon Bay

    Battle of Quiberon Bay
    british forces take control of the bay making french unably to resupply there units in canada.
  • Iriquois join british-american alliance

    Iriquois join british-american alliance
    the alliance of the british and americans were really helped by the addition of the indian friends
  • french surrender montreal

    french surrender montreal
    the french are forced to surrender with the great numbers of the british army. this is also the last battle of the war that took place in the americas
  • british capture havana from spain

    british capture havana from spain
    as spain inters the war as a french ally, they are slautered by the british forces
  • treaty of paris

    treaty of paris
    france looses amd gives up all if there claims in north america some land goes to spain