Frankenstein-Van Der Maden

Timeline created by Shaylee V
  • AD 1

    Elizabeth is adopted

    The Frankenstein family took Elizabeth into their home and adopted her because she couldn't be cared for alone by her mother after her father passed away. pgs: 34-35
  • AD 1

    Victor's childhood

    Victor describes his very happy childhood with Elizabeth and how he's had issues with controlling emotions which has lead to where he is.
  • 2

    Victor witnesses a tree being struck by lighting

    After Victor sees the tree get struck by lighting, an interest in electricity and other sciences strikes him, beginning his studies.
  • 2

    Victor has a new interest of science

    The tree being struck by lighting lead to his new interest that he brings with him in the future
  • 3

    Victor's mom dies

    The mother dies from scarlet fever, which she caught from Elizabeth when she had it.
  • 3

    Victor moves to Ingolstadt

    Victor moved so he could further study science and learn more.
  • 4

    Victor starts to create his monster

    Here he begins his 2 year project of creating life from something inanimate.
  • 4

    Victor starts his study of life in Ingolstadt

    Mr. Krempe helps him learn the "right" way of the science
  • 5

    His monster is complete

    After Frankenstein creates his monster, he realizes the hideouness of it and becomes afraid and realizes that his project succeeded and failed at the same time. He ran away and went completely mad.
  • 5

    Victor becomes very ill

    Henry takes care of Victor when he goes mad and has anxiety and is scared. Henry felt horrible for him and wouldn't leave his friend to suffer.
  • 5

    Victor developed into an unstable, scared, and angry madman.

    In the beginning of the chapters he wasn't crazy. He was somewhat put together and wasn't scared, he was rather curious and wanted knowledge. In chapter five we see how he's turned into a monster himself.
  • 6

    Elizabeth writes to Victor

    Elizabeth writes to Victor about his illness and how she's very worried about him and wants to make sure he's okay
  • 6

    Victor sets out to return to Geneva

    Victor misses his friends, his journey is delayed by snow and other obstacles which make him bitter.
  • 7

    William was murdered

    Victor's father writes to him explaining that William was murdered and how Elizabeth is extremely sad.
  • 7

    Victor sees the creature

    In a shot of lighting, Victor sees the creature. His thoughts immediately go to whether or not the creature killed William.
  • 8

    Justine goes on trial

    Everyone thinks that Justine murdered William, she tried to prove her innocence. Elizabeth and Victor were on her side
  • 8

    Justine confessed a lie

    Justine did not fear death, she confessed to a lie so she wouldn't have to go through it all any longer. She was later executed
  • 9

    Victor considers suicide

    Victor is so shaken up about Justine and William because he was the cause of their deaths. He wishes to die himself but he knows he can't leave his family behind with another death, especially not Elizabeth.
  • 9

    Victor leaves home

    Once again, Victor is calmed and inspired by nature. He travels into the valleys that he visited as a kid and reflects.
  • 10

    Victor comes face to face with the monster

    The monster threatens Victor if he doesn't come with him. He's been trying to get Victor's attention.
  • 10

    Victor agrees to hear the creature's story

    Victor was denying him at first but he followed the monster mainly to see if he really did kill William. They last but the fire and the creature started to tell his story
  • 11

    The creature starts his story

    He starts out explaining how he was experiencing hunger, tiredness, and thirst for the first time and how he found his resources to stay alive.
  • 11

    The creature "meets the family"

    As the creature finds a place to stay, he dives into the lives of those next door and learn from them.
  • 12

    The creature learns words

    From the cottagers he learned their names, and every day items like milk, bread, wood and fire. He also learned their daily routine
  • 12

    The creature learns emotions

    He noticed how the family wasn't always happy and when they were sad it made him very sad. He learned what feelings are like and why they happen.
  • 13

    Safe arrives at the cottage

    Safie was in a bad situation where her father was sentenced to death for having a different religion in France. Safie was able to finally return to her true love, Felix.
  • 13

    The creature learns how to speak properly

    Safe is Arabian and cannot speak English, so the family teaches her how, and the creature follows along and eventually catches on to the language.
  • 14

    The creature learns the family's back story

    The De Lacey family used to be richer and lived in France but they were exiled because of Safie's dad.
  • 14

    De Lacey and Agatha were in prison

    They were in confinement for five months before their trial that took away their fortune and exiled them out of the country.
  • 14

    Character development

    Victor wasn't willing to even look at his creature. But his curiousness towards the death of William made him tolerate listening to the creature's story.
  • 15

    The creature meets De Lacey family

    The creature goes inside the De Lacey cottage and is greeted by the old blind man who can't judge him for his appearance. The blind man says the kind words the creature wanted to hear but as the whole family got back they screamed and one fainted in horror and chased him out pg 127
  • 16

    The De Lacey family moves

    After seeing the creature the De Lacey family decided to move out. They felt as if they were in danger. pg 132
  • 17

    Victor refuses to fufill the creature's wants then his mind is changed

    The creature wants Victor to create a female version of him so he doesn't have to be lonely. Victor refused and he got very upset and begged him for it until Victor changed his mind. pg 139
  • 18

    Victor and Henry travel to London

    Victor takes Henry with him to London. Victor will be conducting his work theit, which is creating a female creature for the creature. pg148
  • 19

    Victor leaves Henry to go work on the female creature

    Victor said how he'd be gone from Henry for a month or two and that he must be alone. What he didn't tell Henry was that it was for him to work on the female creature.
  • 20

    Victor destroys the female creation

    Victor felt that creating another monster would be a bad idea. He thought of how the female could hate the original creature and go on killing sprees of her own and be a horrible thing, so he destroyed the half created monster pg159
  • 20

    Character development

    Victor at first didn't think about the consequences with creating the monster. But when he's back to doing it again but with a female version he thinks twice and decides against it.
  • 21

    Victor is blamed and imprisoned for Henry Clerval's death.

    "But I was doomed to live and in two months found myself as awaking from a dream, in a prison, stretched on a wretched bed, surrounded by jailers, turnkeys, bolts, and all the miserable apparatus of a dungeon." Pg. 169
  • 22

    Victor confirms his love for Elizabeth

    "None on Earth. I love Elizabeth and look forward to our union with delight." pg 181
  • 23

    Elizabeth dies

    "Suddenly I heard a shrill and dreadful scream." pg 186
  • 24

    Walton and his crew continuing further northward to search for the monster

    “Many of my unfortunate comrades have already found a grave amidst this scene of desolation” (203)
  • 24

    Character Development

    Victor like in the beginning on the story, has fallen very ill. He has still not given up on finding the creature. He begins to die and he asks Walton to continue the journey for him, and he passes.
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    AD 1

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