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  • AD 1

    Elizabeth is adopted

    Elizabeth is taken to Victors and is adopted by the Frankenstein family. Victor travels to Milan and finda Elizabeth. (pages 34-35)
  • AD 1

    Beaufort dies

    Beaufort was Victor's dad's friend and he dies (page 32)
  • 2

    Victor meets Henry

    Victor met Henry Clerval and become best friends(page 37)
  • 2

    Victor starts his studies

    Victor starts reading Agrippa and others (pages 42-43)
  • 3

    Victor goes off to continue his studies

    Victor leaves for Ingoistadt to study and M. Walden convinces Victor to pursue his interests in science.(pages 44-45)
  • 3

    Victor's mom dies

    Victor's mom died of Scarlet fever while taking care of Elizabeth. (pages42-43)
  • 4

    Victor becomes obsessed with studying

    Victor becomes obsessed with studying life and death and the human body and decides to spend all his time to continue to study and not talk to anyone.(page 51)
  • 4

    Victor starts monster

    Victor discovers how to bring life to an inanimate object. (pages 53)
  • 5

    Victor creates the monster

    Victor finally finishes and creates his monster and is scared and disgusted of the monster and runs away (pages 56-58)
  • 5

    Victor gets nervous fever

    Victor becomes really anxious from the previous events and Henry helps heal him by giving him a letter from Elizabeth, and later ends up dreaming of his mother and Elizabeth dying in his arms (pages 56-58)
  • 6

    Victor illness gets worse and decides to go to Geneva

    Victor ends up going to school and starts to get worse from the chemicals and the teachers. Victor gets happier from walking through nature with Henry. (page 67)
  • 7

    William (Victor's brother) has been murdered and Justine is later falsly accused of it

    Victor receives a letter from his father that his brother has been murdered. He later turns to nature to uplift his spirits but finds the monster and is convinced, his creation killed his brother. Victor refuses to confess to others about his creation, he is scared they will label him as crazy so he stays quiet and the guilt builds up. (page 85)
  • 8

    Justine confesses to the murder and Victor is overwhelmed with guilt

    Justine confesses to the murder of William but tells Elizabeth and Victor that she is innocent and miserable. Victor knows Justine was completely innocent and becomes overwhelmed with guilt about the fact that she was executed. He knows it was his fault since he is certain the monster has been responsible for 2 deaths in the family. (page 86)
  • 9

    Victor becomes depressed and goes on a family excursion

    Victor is extremely sad and depressed and considers suicide but thinks about Elizabeth and his father. Victor visits his family in Belrive and hopes the scenery will cheer him up.
  • 10

    Victor and the monster meet up and Victor decides to go to summit of Montanvert

    Victor climbs to the top of the summit and soon finds a figure that looks like a creature, realizing that the figure is the monster. Monster soon convinces Victor to talk to him about the monster's life. Victor is still super sad and decides to try and go somewhere to find peace with himself and with nature. (page 97)
  • 11

    Monster tells his story

    The monster gets to tell Victor about what he has had to experience and learn himself. He is looked at weird by humans and feels alone so he decides to learn how to read from people in a cottage. (pages 104-107)
  • 12

    Monster becomes sad with guilt and decides to give back

    While the monster is learning things from Agitha and Felix, he realizes they are sad and it's his fault. The monster hasn't known where else to get food and has been stealing from them. The monster feels really guilty so he decides to give wood and try and find things to give back to the people he has stole from. He soon finds himself staring at a pool, seeing how other people view him and becomes sad that he looks the way he does.
  • 13

    Monster watches Felix and learns language

    The monster sees that Felix is unhappy until a girl named Safie moves into the cottage. Safie speaks another language and is forced to learn their language. Since Safie is learning the new language, the monster decides he will too from a far. The monster now fully understands the language and realizes he is deformed and alone. He becomes isolated and sad again. (pages 111- 120)
  • 14

    Monster eavesdropping about cottagers history

    The monster starts to eavesdrop on the cottagers and learns their history pretty quickly.
  • 14

    Victor's character development

    In chapters 6-14 Victor becomes crazy obsessed with his work. He later starts to experience some of the many disadvantages the monster he has created, brought.
  • 15

    The creature discovers how monstrous he is

    The monster ends up finding the letters that Victor wrote, and since he can read now, he decides to read them and soon finds out how horrifying he really is. (page 124)
  • 16

    The monster kills WIlliam

    When William mentions his fathers name, the monster rages and kills William.
  • 17

    The monster asks Victor for a companion

    Victor is hesitant about creating another monster but soon realizes he owes it to the creature. (page 138)
  • 18

    Victor travels to create the monster

    Victor travels to London and Scotland to create the new companion for his monster. (page 145)
  • 19

    Victor starts to create the monster

    Victor arrives in London and sets up a small shack on the island of Orkneys and isolates himself once again. (pages 156-157)
  • 20

    Victor destroys the creation

    Victor is yet again horrified at another one of his creations and freaks out by his appearance and destroys it. The monster sees this and becomes enraged and says he will be at Victor's wedding. (page 160)
  • 20

    Victor's character development 15-20

    In the beginning of chapters 15-20, Victor appears to be happy, healthy and mentally stable. However, as he begins creating his new monster he becomes paranoid, and fearful of his creations.
  • 21

    Victor is blamed for Henry's death and ends up in prison

    Victor becomes ill and realizes the monster was the one who killed Henry. "But I was doomed to live and in two months found myself as awaking from a dream, in a prison, stretched on a wretched bed, surrounded by jailers, turnkeys, bolts, and all the miserable apparatus of a dungeon." (page 169)
  • 22

    Victor is scared and dreading his wedding night for fear of the monster

    Victor starts to fear his wedding night, the closer it gets. Elizabeth decides to send Victor a letter as a reminder that the monster will be there for their wedding. "This letter revived the memory what I had before forgotten the threat of the fiend- I will be with you on your wedding night!" (page 179)
  • 23

    Elizabeth is killed on her wedding night by the monster

    Victor was expecting the monster to attack him on the day of their wedding instead of Elizabeth. Victor decides to look for the monster but hears the scream of Elizabeth instead. Victor is overwhelmed with grief and decides to return home and tell his father what happened. His father ends up dying 3 days later. "Suddenly I heard a shrill and dreadful scream." (page 196)
  • 24

    Victor's character development 21-24

    In these chapter, Victor was filled with paranoia, and fear of the monster. Later after the monster killed all of Victor's family, and Victor finally becomes fed up with it and decides he shall seek revenge.
  • 24

    Victor tracks the monster

    Victor's whole family is now all dead and Victor is out on search for the monster. He tracks the monster by the clues that are left for him. Victor asks Walton to continue his search for the monster. "When I quitted in Geneva my first labor was to gain some clue by which I might trace the steps of my fiendish enemy." (page 192)
  • 25

    Walton and his search for the monster

    Walton and his crew won't let up till this monster is gone. Victor is dead and Walton finds the monster crying over his body. All is done and the monster feels nothing but regret for all the pain he is caused everybody and now wishes to die himself. "I entered the cabin where lay remains of my ill-fated and admirable friend. Over him hung a form which I cannot find words to describe." (page 207)
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