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  • Victor Frankenstein

    Victor Frankenstein
    Frankenstein, better known as Victor Frankenstein, was a fictional character created by Mary Shelley and was inspired by a scientist named Johann Konrad Dippel
  • The monster was in the process of being created

    The monster was in the process of being created
    Frankenstein, in middle of many experiments, decided to create a monster, and to achieve this, he decided to steal cemetery and slaughterhouses corpses
  • Victor was disappointed

    Victor was disappointed
    Victor believed that his experiment wasn't working, He believed his efforts were in vain
  • The creature awakens

    The creature awakens
    One rainy November night, in the dim light of a candle, Frankenstein watches his monster open one eye and begin to breathe
  • Frankenstein runs away

    Frankenstein runs away
    When Frankenstein saw his creation awaken, he was really disgusted for how the creature looked and left him, the creature was very scared and sad too and ran off to roam the woods for many days he becomes very smart