Frank Sinatra

  • Frank Sinatra's birth

    Frank Sinatra's birth
    Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. This was the start of a show business legend. Photo:
  • Sinatra got married for the first time.

    Sinatra got married for the first time.
    Sinatra got married in 1939 to Nancy Barbato, his childhood sweetheart. They had three children together —Nancy (born in 1940), Frank Sinatra Jr. (born in 1944) and Tina (born in 1948), and then had got divorced in the late 1940's. Photo:
  • Frank Sinatra joined a band.

    Frank Sinatra joined a band.
    In 1940, Tommy Dorsey invited Sinatra into his band and he had sucess with that band for few years. After his chart-topping sucess he decided to go solo. Photo:
  • Sinatra's start on a solo career

    Through Sinatra's start of his career he had 17 Top-10 hits on the charts. Fans we attracted to his baritone sound and had gave him nicknames like, "The Voice" and "The Sultan of Swoon".
  • Sinatra had started his acting career.

    Sinatra had started his acting career.
    Sinatra made his debut in acting in 1943 with the film, "Higher and Higher". His acting career really started to take off in 1945 with the film, "The House I Live In', which won a special Academy Award. This film was a 10-minute short made to promote racial and religious tolerance on the home front. Photo:
  • Period: to

    Sinatra's 53 year show business career.

  • Frank Sinatra was back on top.

    Frank Sinatra was back on top.
    By the 1960's Sinatra had been back on top after his skit of less contracts for music and film although he had been trying to make a comeback in the 1950's.With this, Sinatra also created a new image of himself which included hard drinking and womanizing. lthough the press supported this change so he did not lose any of his popularity from this move.Photo: Quote"The best revenge is the massive success".
  • Sinatra changed political parties

    Sinatra changed political parties
    After a long time of supporting the Democrartic party, Sinatra had then left to persue in supporting the Republican party. Once he had joined the Republican party, he began supporting Richard Nixon and then his close friend, Ronald Reagan. Photo:
  • Sinatra returns from his retirement.

    Sinatra came back from his short retirement in 1973 with the album, "Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back". At this time Sinatra also became politically active running with JFK in the 60's, Richard Nixon in the 70's, and Ronald Reagan in the 80's.
  • Sinatra's having his final marriage

    Sinatra's having his final marriage
    After his three failed marriages, included his second and third that were fairly short, Sinatra got married to Barbara Marx in 1976 for his fourth and final time. They stayed together until Sinatra passed away in 1998. Photo: Quote: "You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady".
  • Sinatra getting his Medal of Freedom award.

    Sinatra getting his Medal of Freedom award.
    In 1985, Sinatra was presented with the Medal of Freedom by his close friend Ronald Reagan. This is the highest civilian award anyone can get in the U.S. Frank Sinatra was 69 years old when he recieved this award. Photo:
  • Sinatra's suspicion of being in the mafia

    Author Kitty Kelley in 1987 had published an unauthorized biography which had included that Sinatra had relied on mob ties to build up his career. This report had failed to dimish Frank Sinatra's career or popularity.
  • Sinatra's last concert was held.

    Sinatra's last concert was held.
    Frank Sinatra sung his last concert before his death at Palm Desert Marriott Ballroom in California.This was the end to his over 50-year long show business career. Photo:
  • Sinatra's Death

    Sinatra's Death
    On May 14, 1998, Frank Sinatra had died of a heart attack at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He was 82 years old and at the point of his death he had a show business career that had lasted over 50 years. Photo: Quote: "I'm gonna live till I die". -Frank Sinatra
  • Sinatra possibly having another child

    In October 2013, Mia Farrow, made headlines after stating that Sinatra could be the father of her 25-year-old son Ronan. Ronan afterwards jokingly tweeted, we all possibly could be Sinatra's son.