Frank Lloyd Wright

Timeline created by sandradenker
  • Birth

    Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8th in Richland Center, Wisconsin U.S. At first his name was Frank Lincoln Wright but after his parents divorce he changed his middle name from Lincoln to Lloyd in honor of his mother's family.
  • First Wife

    First Wife
    Wright married his first wife Catherine Lee Tobin. They were married in Chicago, Illinois. Catherine was 17 years old. She granted him a divorce the year of 1922.
  • First fire of Taliesin

    First fire of Taliesin
    This was the first time that Taliesin cough on fire caused by a manservant named Julian Carlton. Seven people including Wright's mistress and her two children died.
  • Frank's second wife

    Frank's second wife
    Frank married Maude Miriam Noel his second wife. She was a morphine addict and a spiritualist.
  • Taliesin II

    Taliesin II
    Taliesin II burned to the ground.
  • Second divorce

    Second divorce
    Mariam filed for a divorce, but failed many times. At one point she refused to grant a divorce and sued Olgivanna who was havig a child with Frank.
  • Arrested

    Wright was arrested at the kitchen door at Lake Minnetonka cottage. He was arrested for allegedly violating the Mann Act.
  • Japanesse prints

    Japanesse prints
    Wright had a collection of Japanesse prints. They were sold at Anderson Galleries on january 6-7 to pay debts.
  • AIA Gold Metal

    AIA Gold Metal
    Even though Wright never joined the American Institute of Architects, the president Douglas William Orr presented the award to Wright at the AIA Convention in Houston, Texas.
  • Death

    Wright died on April 9th at the age of 91. He died in Pheonix, Arizona U.S. He died 5 days after having an intestinal surgery.