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Foreign Policy Important Events

  • The Apple 2 Computer is Introduced

    The Apple 2 Computer is Introduced
    While America had always thought to be the leading economic and military power, China had always thought to be more technologically advanced. When the Apple 2 Computer hit the markets in America and quickly became a sensation across the world, though it seemed America was catching up.
  • Apple Computer Influcence

    Apple Computer Influcence
    While China was still more technologicallly advanced, America's Apple success reinforced the power America had over the rest of the world. It also made government relations more accurate and easier, resulting in a strong military base.
  • Saddam Hussein Becomes Iraq's President

    Saddam Hussein Becomes Iraq's President
    Saddam Hussein was put into power as president of Iraq because Saddam was such a protestor of Communism, which was the single enemy of America at the time. At the time, the Desert Shield was also going on, an effort to 'contain' communism. We also believed in the theory "the enemy of our enemy is our friend' which led America to believe Saddam Hussein was pro-American. The USA turned a blind eye to his hatred and genecide against the Kurd (another religious group his religion hated).
  • Saddam Hussein's Presidency Influence

    Saddam Hussein's Presidency Influence
    As a result of America putting Saddam into power, many other countries became vengeful and angry. They didn't want America to interfere with their countries, especially because the USA was only keeping itself in mind. The countries began to have a negative outlook on America and its people. The Middle Eastern countries were deeply enraged and angry at the USA because it gave Saddam the ability to commit genicide on the Kurds, and eventually 90 American citizens were taken hostage in Iran.
  • 90 American Citizens Taken Hostage

    90 American Citizens Taken Hostage
    During the Desert Shield America tried to contain Communsim and keep it from spreading. The Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was put into power mainly because he was openly against Communsim, and aimed to industrialize the then-agricultural-centered Iran. Later, he crowned himself the emporer which angered many of the citizens of Iran. Ayatollah after being arrested for protesting the Shah's rule was eventually released. He got his revenge by kidnapping American at the Tehran Embassy in Iran
  • 90 Americans Taken Hostage Influence

    90 Americans Taken Hostage Influence
    In an effort to get the hostages home, President Jimmy Carter, a known moral idealist (someone who believes that global problems can be solved by peaceful means) tried a boycott to bring the hostages back which failed. Later, President Ronald Reagan made Ayatollah a successful offer: the ability to buy American missels for the release of the American citizens. The profit was then used to illegally fund the Sandonistas, a group against communism. Political realism became more dominant after this
  • POTUS Jimmy Carter tries to bring hostages home

    POTUS Jimmy Carter tries to bring hostages home
    At the time President Jimmy Carter was a well known moral idealist. After the hostages were kidnapped in the middle east he tried to use peaceful measures to return them home such as boycotting. When he failed miserably, President Ronald Raegan had to take more drastic measures.
  • President Jimmy Carter's Hostage Influence

    President Jimmy Carter's Hostage Influence
    When Jimmy Carter failed to bring the hostages home from Iran, America's relations with other countries became much less moral idealist and more political realist. Because the hostages were in Iran for more than a year even though President Carter tried to bring them home with moral idealist strategies, America's support in the theory weakened greatly.
  • 9/11 Attacks on America

    9/11 Attacks on America
    On 9/11/2001 the Twin Towers and World Trade Center in New York City were famously attacked. al-Qaeda, a radical Islamist religion that believes in eliminating the Western World, admitted they were responsible for the attacks. Overall, four planes were overtaken by al-Qaeda and about three thousands American citizens were killed. Three of the planes hit their targets: The first and second twin tower, and the World Trade Center. The fourth plane crash-landed in a field in PA.
  • 9/11 Influence

    9/11 Influence
    The 9/11 attacks played a huge role in American Forgeign Policy. The crashes proved that America's security wasn't strong, while other country's hatred for the USA was. Citizens of America grew untrusting of their government, and vengeful towards any country that could have had anything to do with the attacks. The government tried to strengthen security, and eliminate the al Qaeda to keep America safe.
  • American Troops Invade Iraq

    American Troops Invade Iraq
    American Troops invaded Iraq as a result of the 9/11 al Qaeda attacks. At first, America was surprised by how many groups were celebrating the symbolic demise of America, and it was unclear who was responsible. The congress waged preventive war on Iraq, who was then under the power of Saddam Hussein. It turned out Saddam didn't have anything to do with the attacks. The war's purpose for the government was also to unite America, and show that they knew who was responsible.
  • Iraq War Influence

    Iraq War Influence
    Middle Eastern countries were understandably angered by the mistake of America invading Iraq, and they even began burning American flags and other anti-American acts. America also eventually lost support from the United Kingdom because their citizens were angry that Prime Minister Tony Blair agreed to help the USA in their invasion of Iraq. This could cause Britain to be more concious when supporting America and even cause their citizens to elect a less pro-American government.
  • Bejing Olympics Begin

    Bejing Olympics Begin
    When the Bejing Olympics began, it stood as a metaphor for how China was becoming a world superpower. It showed that they were capable of being very powerful in the worldwide foodchain of power. It showed that they were surpassing America in the tough financial crisis because they were able to undertake such an expensive event.
  • Beijing Olympics Influence

    Beijing Olympics Influence
    While China had always been in close standings when it came to global influence, the Olympics showed them 'throwing their hat into the ring' in the fight for world power. It showed other coutnries that China was becoming as powerful as America, and reduced the beliefs they had that America would remain the one and only superpower. It also increased trading and popularity of China over America, reducing America's importance.
  • Osama Bin Laden Is Killed

    Osama Bin Laden Is Killed
    Osama Bin Laden was found hiding out on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It appeared he had been hiding out there for years. It was a surprise that Pakistan became upset over America invading Pakistan and killing Osama without their permission. America was understandably confused because all they did was eliminate an enemy respoinsible for many deaths. The death of Osmama also brought a lot of joy to American citizens, chatning and singing broke out in the streets when it was announced.
  • Osama bin Laden's Death Influence

    Osama bin Laden's Death Influence
    Osama bin Laden being found an killed united much of the country, and relaxed a lot of people because many think that al Qaeda is not powerful enough now to wage any more attack. Could the fact that Pakistan showed strange, seemingly anti-American lead to another war ? But, it makes sense that such a powerful leader would have some plan if he were to die for someone to take over. Another issue is that Pakistan was angry; could they have had something to do hiding Osama?