Football uniforms

Timeline created by Dinosaur15
  • first foot ball uniforms

    first foot ball uniforms
    history of nfl uniforms Te first uniforms were often real thick like ool. The helmats were not mandatory.
  • before 1920 uniforms

    before 1920 uniforms
    history of nfl uniformsThere wasnt any uniforms made yet.
  • 1930 jersys

    1930 jersys
    football uniformsHelmets were maditory to wear. jersy were still made of thik material.
  • 1940 uniforms

    1940 uniforms
    foorball uniformsThe first helmet design was made. The helmet was lether.
  • 1950 uniforms

    1950 uniforms
    football uniforms throught historyPlastic helmets we made.
  • 1960 uniforms

    1960 uniforms
    football uniforms throught history The modern day uniforms were made. in the 60's they said it was the best uniform ever.
  • 1970 uniforms

    1970 uniforms
    unifformsThey started to put color on the uniforms.They had color combinations. They made face masks for the helmets.
  • 1980 uniforms

    1980 uniforms
    uniformsSome of the uniforms today were finalized in the 1980's. Some teams moved on to differnt colors for their uniforms.
  • 1990 uniforms

    1990 uniforms
    history of nfl uniforms People started selling the foot ball jersy for the NFL for fans to have. Football teams moved to differnt states.
  • 2000 uniforms

    2000 uniforms
    history of uniforms Lots of teams picked new uniforms. And wear their old uniforms on thanks given day.