Flowers for algernon matthew modine dvd cover art

Flowers for Algernon

  • Progress Report 1

    Charlie Gordan a 37 year old man who isn't your average man. Charlie, lets just say isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, "Miss Kinnian says maybe they can make me smart. I want to be smart." (pg 371)
  • Progress Report 2

    Today Charlie was in school learning with one of his teachers, Dr.Strauss. Charlie had a test, he was sure that he failed. This test was crucial to being "chosen". " . . . I think maybe now they won't use me." (pg 371-372)
  • Progress Report 3

    More and more tests were given to Charlie as this day went on. later, they gave him a game to play, this was unusual for the day. Charlie noticed a white mouse named Algernon. He felt embarressed by Algernon; "I dint know that mice were so smart. Maybe thats because Algernon is a white mouse. Maybe white mice are smarter than other mice." (pg 374)
  • Progress Report 4

    They are atually going to use Charlie! After many arguments between the doctors and teachers they decided on Charlie, not because he's necisarrily the smartest but because he was the most motivated. He was excited, "We will use Charlie. When he said that I got so excited I jumped up and shook his hand for being so good to me. I told him thank you doc you wont be sorry for giving me a second chance." (pg 375)
  • Progress Report 5

    Today was Charlie's day to get an operation to help him prepare for the race against Algernon. He waas scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time. "If the operashun works Ill show that mouse I can be as smart as he is. Maybe smarter." (pg 375)
  • Progress Report 7

    Dissapointing news for Charlie right now. He's getting fustrated with everything and everyone. Probably because he isn't beating Algernon in any of the races. "I hate that mouse. he always beats me." (pg 376)
  • Progress Report 8

    Things are starting just to go back to normal for Charlie Gordon. He's still very fustrated with himself and Algernon. " i told him I dont like to race with Algernon any more." (pg 377)
  • Progress Report 9

    The win! Charlie had finally overcome his biggest rival, Algernon. "I beat Algernon!" "But after that I beat him 8 more times. I must be getting smart to beat a mouse like Algernon." (pg. 379/380)
  • Progress Report 13

    Somethings are changing about Algernon. He is starting to bite and become agressive. "He was unusually disturbed and vicious." (pg 393)
  • Letter to Dr. Strauss

    Charlie wrote Dr. Strauss a letter, that was actually very impressive. It was intellegent and well thought out yet sad. "I am sorry, however, that my own contribution to the field must rest upon the ashes of the work of two men I regard so highly." (pg 395)
  • Amnesia

    Charlie is diagnosed with Amnesia. He is started to loose every thing that he's ever known. He's forgetting more and more as the days go on. This story is coming to an end and it's tragic. "I lie in bed for days and I don't know who or where I am." (pg 396)
  • The End

    Charlie desides to leave New York. He's ready to move on from the factory, Algernon has already left, but, in a different way. "P.P.S. Pleqase if you get a chanse put some flowrs on Algernons grave in the bak yard . . . " (pg 401)