• 400

    China discovers the kite

    The kite made for religius cerimounes made China think of flight
  • 400

    Humans fly like birds

    Humans try for many centures to fly like birds by makeing wooden wings with feathers.
  • 400

    Hero and the Aeolipile

    An acient Greek engineer developed a aeolipile that uses a jet streem that makes a creates a sphere to rotate
  • Period: 400 to


    The thout of man flying
  • Jul 1, 1485

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Studied flight in 1480's made 100's of drawings that showed is idea of flight.
  • Joseph and Jacques Montegolfer first hot air ballon

    Both brothers were inventors were the first inventers of the first air ballon. They used fire to blow hot air to a silk bag.
  • George Cayley's Glider

    Geoge Cayley wanted to invent a way to let human's fly. He designed many moddles of a glider with wings with a currect shape.
  • Otto Lilienthal

    A German enginer who studied areodynamics and worked on a glider that would fly. He made the fist glider to have a man on it and fly for long distances.
  • Samuel P. Langley

    Samuel p. Langley was a astronomer. He built a modile of a plane called a areodome but his fist a tempt crashed
  • Samuel P. Langley

    Ceated the first model like airplane but failed his first atempt becous it was too heavey.
  • Orville and Wilbir Wright the first flight

    They were intergeed by the idea of flight. they hade created the flyer that involved a engine and a wind tonel for the wings.