Fish By: Luke Lawall

  • Backround of Fish the pirate boy

    Fish is maurices nickname. Why is that so, well he can swim, and extremely good at it too. It was also very rare to know how to swim back thenAround the colonial times ( 1700's - 1800's).
  • Period: to


  • charecters

    Fish's uncle greg Nate, Scab, Captain Cobb the captain of the scurvy mistress.
  • Setting

    Ireland, The scurvy Mistress, Turtle island, Oceon.
  • For the gold.

    Fish is sent by his uncle greg to deliver a specific group a pouch of gold coins. He reaches the customer but is robbed of the pouch by a mutinous pirate, Scab and Nate AKA Nate the great a 12 year old on the scurvy mistress with sure dreams to become a famous pirate captain one day. Fish must retreive the coins no mater what. sudenly he sees the boat that the theives have headed off to. huriedly he dives in after them to sneak into the ship.
  • Your'e welcome.

    Fish boards the ship/sloop undetected for a minute. He then is caught by the pirate Scab. Scab is thrown over board for his mistake of leading Fish to the sloop. Scab is drowning, he doesn't know how to swim. Fish decides to be the better man and dive in to save the very man who had robbed him and attempted to murder him. Once Scab was breathing again he was so ungrateful to not even give a thanks to his savior. I think this really foreshadows the desisions that Scab will make later in the book.
  • Scruba dub dub

    Captain Cobb makes Fish a part of his crew. Cobb admired Fishes rare talent of swimming abilities. He was assinged to scrub the toilets, scrub the decks, and srape off the coral from under the boat
  • Befreind an enemy

    Fish gets into a fight with scab and is beaten badly. He also becomes good freinds with Nate the great for saving him from drowning.
  • Peer pressure

    The crew of the Scurvy mistress forces Nate and Fish to fight for their entertainment. Fish refuses to fight he hates violence. Nate knowing they will be punished for not fighting, knocks Fish out ending the fight.
  • Climax

    Fish notices a boat, the Mary that they recently had a raid on. It had soposobly trailing them. He goes over to the boat to spy. He catches Scab starting a mutiny on captain Cobb.
  • escape

    Scabs new crew mate Gullian tries to kill Fish and nate but Fish and Nate trick him into leaving them. This is because of his addiction to luck. He told Gullian that it is bad luck to kill a young pirate.
  • Ending it

    Fish and Nate and there freimd Nora finish the rest of the mutiny. They report to captain cobb.
  • Party time resolution

    They throw a huge celabration and using the money fish earned he sends his family a herd of 12 horses to help work on the farm.