First Quarter

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  • Treaty of Versailles

    The treaty of versailles was the bill that Germany had to pay to the countries that won the war they had to give land money weapons and coud't had an army.
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  • Jazz Age

    The 20s was the age of jazz were people were recovering of the war but it wasn't so good for the economy.
  • Hyperinflation

    In economy hyperinflation is when a country has to rise prices to maybe an unstopable way.
  • Wallstret Crash

    The wallstreet Crash was a big crash in the market that affected many countries and then it lasted about 10 years
  • Pearl Harbour

    The pearlharbor attack was a surpise attack of the Japanase trying to attack USA and kill as many americans as posible the tried to get down the basses and ships of the island too.
  • Atomic Bombs

    The atomic bombs ocured in japan during the war of the pacific USA attacked the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Hiroshima in Aug 6 and Nagasaki on Aug 9.