Junior Colleges, History at a Glance

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  • Joliet Junior College

    Joliet Junior College
    The first Junior college in the US.
  • The birth of a mascot

    The birth of a mascot
    As the story goes, a circus came to Phoenix in 1920 and a black bear gave birth to a cub. Someone convinced the circus owners to leave the cub in the care of PJC. The college now had a real live mascot and athletic teams took the name "The Bears." The cub was escorted to all the football games to cheers from the crowds. He quickly became the living embodiment of school spirit. Cited by, PC timeline
  • Phoenix College

    Phoenix College
    The first Junior college in Arizona officially opened it's doors with formal accreditation. Voluntary college accreditation groups came about as a checks and balances for a higher quality of education.
  • Decline in enrollment

    Many factors can come in to play with decline in enrollment. During this period, war time involvement played a 25% decrease in enrollment.
  • Baby Boomers

    Coming of college age baby boomers started to lead the attendance stats.
  • Affordable short term education for all

    Affordable short term education for all
    Community colleges make up the most cost/ time-effective avenue toward higher education for many students. Students have many reasons for not attending or needing to attend a 4 year college.
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    Job Training Trend

    After the Great Depression, job training through Community Colleges helped ease unemployment.
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    The bear got a name

    Christened "Bumstead" by student Gertrude Mach, the mascot followed the students to the new campus on Thomas Road in 1939, where he was placed on permanent display in front of the auditorium. Vandals periodically kidnapped and attacked the mascot, with the local newspaper carrying daily reports. Cited by, PC historic timeline
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    Socioeconomic Trends

    Race and Gender play a large part in increased enrollment shift during this time. As a diversified population increased in AZ so did the schools population.
    Fact; PC was never a segregated school.