FIlm History Timeline

  • How it all started

    William Dickison and Thomas Edison built the first motion picture and called Kinetograph. It started with a bet that a horse at one point has all 4 hoofs off the ground. A rapid sequence of pictures was taken.
  • Lumiere Brothers

    Thomas Edison made a projecter to help reach a larger auience at once, but he didn't reveal it. Later on the Lumiere brothers made their own projecter and revealed it. These films shocked people so much to where they ran away from a motion picture of a moving train.
  • A 12 minute movie?

    The Great Train Robbery was the first 12 minute movie. It was made by Edwin Porter but he was a mechanic for Edison Corporation.
  • Movie Theaters Pop Up

    The first movie theather opened in Pittsburgh. These theaters were called Vaudevilles . This is were the name and channel Nickelodeon came from.

    These theaters were starting to get 26 million viewers weekly. Thomas Edison introduced the the kinetophone so that "talkies" became reality.
  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin plays the Litlle Tramp. This role was his most famous one.
  • Mutual Studios

    Charlie Chaplin signs onto Mutual Studios. He earns an unexpected $10,000 a week.
  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney makes his first movie. Although we all associate Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse his first movie was actually Alice in Wonderland.
  • Awards!

    Walt Disney creates Steamboat Willie. Also the first Academy Awards were handed out.
  • Poisoned Apple

    Walt's very first full animated movie was made. This movie was Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.
  • Kinetoscope

    The first Kinetoscope Palor opens up in New York CIty. They charge 25 cents to watch a 30 second movie. The down side of the Kinetoscope Palor is that it only was acessible to one person at a time.