Unknown 11

Film History

  • first camera

    first camera
    first successfully working camera
  • created motion picture

    created motion picture
    Eadweard Muybridge,Thomas Edison
  • Period: to

    when the first physical film was created and used

    paper film
  • Roundhay Garden Scene

    Roundhay Garden Scene
    First and oldest recording ever the clip was 3 seconds long
  • Astronomers dream

    Astronomers dream
    was an advancement in special effects
  • Period: to


    type of movie theater that existed before cinema
  • When sound was added into movies

    When sound was added into movies
    at first movies with sound were only had sound effects and music
  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz
    One of the biggest movies that were made in color(technicolor helped the audience see all the colors)
  • When CGI was first used

    When CGI was first used
    (it was in a scene in westworld)
  • Period: to


    store that provides rentals of movies on VHS and CD's
  • Netflix

    (part of the new wave of TV streaming)
  • Avatar

    Major advancements in CGI
  • Endgame

    the use of ILM