Fidel Castro

  • A Hero is Born

    A Hero is Born
    Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz is born in Cuba in a town called Birán to an llegitimate, wealthy farmer
  • Revolutionist in the making

    Revolutionist in the making
    Fidel Castro, now studying law at the University of Havana, delivers a moving speech exposing the corruption and violence of the current Government. He earned himself on the front page of several newspapers which prevailed a new revolutionist
  • Failed attempt

    Failed attempt
    Fidel Castro gathered 165 revolutionist and them in an armed uprising against the military dictator Fulgencio Batista. The missoin to capture Moncada Barracks failed with Fidel Castro fleeing back to the rugged Sierra Maestra mountains.
  • Imprisonment

    Fidel is sentenced separately for leading an uprising, given 15 years and imprisoned in the hospital wing of the Model Prison (Presidio Modelo). 55 others from Fidels revolutionary group were also sentenced to prison.
  • Released

    Fidel Castro is given amnesty and leaves prison for Mexico after a couple of years in jail. Before leaving to Mexico, Fidel receives a hero’s welcome in Havana and sets out to give various radio interviews and press conferences
  • Ceased Power

    Ceased Power
    Fidel Castro leads a bloody guerrilla attack on Batista’s military army in Sierra Maestra Mountains. After two years of instability and war, Batista flees to the Dominican Republic and Fidel takes control of Cuba
  • Prime Minster

    Prime Minster
    Fidel Castro is named prime minister of Cuba after taking the vacancy left by Jose Miro. At first Castro was reluctant in taking office, but agreed to accept the position on the agreement that the Prime Minister’s power would be increased.
  • Cuba & the Super-Powers

    Cuba & the Super-Powers
    The United States breaks diplomatic ties with Cuba and Fidel Castro begins to disband the American-backed capitalist system. American- owned businessare now under the control of the State, Fidel focus’ on the social class of the poor and builds close economic and military relations with the Soviet Union.
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    Cuba is invaded by US backed, anti-Castro rebels who aim to overthrow the Fidel Castro and his Government. The invasion is defeated easily after three days of fighting and relations between Cuba and the US are strongly strained.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    The world is on the brink of a nuclear war after Cuba allows the Soviet Union to position nuclear missiles 90 miles from the US mainland. A standoff happens between the US & USSR and finally the Soviet Union agree to withdraw its missiles out of Cuba and the US agrees to dismantle tis nuclear weapons in Turkey.
  • Head of State & Government

    Head of State & Government
    The Government calls the first National Congress of the Cuban Communist Party where it officially announces Cuba as a socialist state, adopts the constitution based on the Soviet model and elects Castro to become President of Cuba and head of state and head of government.
  • Temporary Steps Down

    Temporary Steps Down
    Fidel Castro hands over power to his brother Raul, after his health begins to deteriorate and undergoes emergency surgery to save his life. The Presidency is passed to his brother Raul Castro
  • Articles & World Issues

    Articles & World Issues
    Fidel Castro starts to write newspaper articles in Cuba discussing world issues and attacking the West, especially the United States and hints that he won't cling to power in the next election.
  • Leader Leaves Leading

    Leader Leaves Leading
    Almost 19 months since appearing in public and five days before his presidential mandate is due, President Castro retires as Head of State and hands over his position to his brother Raul.