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FEMA Timeline

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency was established

    Federal Emergency Management Agency was established
    On June 19, 1978, President Carter gave to Congress the Reorganization Plan Number 3. This plan established FEMA.
  • President Reagan

    President Reagan
    Reagan redefines FEMA's role to fit the Cold War, giving it the power to cope with nuclear attack and implement martial law.
  • Louis O. Giuffrida

    Louis O. Giuffrida
    Appointed as director of FEMA in 1982 by Reagan, Giuffrida steps down amid accusations of fraud.
  • Hurricane Hugo

    Hurricane Hugo
    FEMA's response to Hurricane Hugo prompts Senator Fritz Hollings to denounce it as "the sorriest bunch of bureaucratic jackasses I've ever known."
  • Hurricane Andrew

    Hurricane Andrew
    Andrew was a category 5 hurricane that caused 26.5 million in damage and displaced 250,000 people.
  • September 11th Terrorist Attacks

    September 11th Terrorist Attacks
    Immediate response by FEMA and the country. Attacks were on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. 2996 fatalities.
  • FEMA -> Dept. of Homeland Security

    FEMA -> Dept. of Homeland Security
    President George W. Bush consolidates FEMA with the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    One of the worst hurricanes to make landfall in US history. Hurricane Katrina caused over 100 billion dollars in damage and more than 1800 deaths. Again, as in the past, FEMA was slow to respond.