Rey felipe iii

Philip III

  • Apr 14, 1578

    Philip III

    He was born in Madrid on April 14, 1578. Son of Felipe II, from whom he inherited the tronó, grandson of Carlos I, and by his mother, Archduchess Margarita of Austria, and descendant of Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg. He married Margaret of Austria, who reigned alongside him between 1599 and 1611, when he died. They had eight children. Among them, the successor of Felipe III, Felipe IV.
  • Period: Apr 14, 1578 to

    Birth and reign of Philip III

  • Start of Austria Minors and Foreign Political Economy

    During 1597 they were the first of the foreign economic and political context where it caused disagreements with society. Beginning of "Austrias minors."
  • King of Spain and Portugal

    On the death of his father, Felipe II, Felipe III became King of Spain and Portugal. He began his reign in the year 1598 until his death.
  • The Valid (King's Favorite)

    Felipe III began the practice of leaving the government of the nation at the hands of the valid. His reign produced a great change in the Spanish monarchy. He no longer ruled personally if he did not dare his valid, the Duke of Lerma. Felipe III gave all the power of the state to his trusted friend while he was dedicated to hunting, art collecting and grand ceremonies.
  • Dominions of Philip III in 1598

    Dominions of Philip III in 1598
  • Felipe III is considered the first of the minor autria

    King Felipe III, Felipe IV, and Carlos II are known as the Lesser Habsburgs. After his father dies, Felipe III becomes King of Spain and Portugal. It is considered one of the minor Habsburgs due to the mismanagement of the government and its negative effects. With the arrival of the new monarch, the system of government changes.
  • Creation of the Dutchy of Lerma

    The Duchy of Lerma is a Spanish noble title created on November 11, 1599 by King Felipe III and granted to the 5th Marquis of Denia and 4th Count of Lerma, Francisco Gómez de Sandoval-Rojas y Borja
  • Philip III's wife

    Philip III's wife
    Margaret of Austria married King Philip III in 1599.
  • the court of Valladolid was transferred

    In January 1601, the court of Valladolid was transferred; However, after the Madrid residents made great gifts to the king and the Duke of Lerma, the Court again came to Madrid in 1606.
  • Period: to

    His daughter Ana María Mauricia de Austria

    Queen consort of France, wife of Louis XIII.
  • Period: to

    His daughter María de Austria

    she was an infanta of Spain who died in infancy.
  • The reign of Felipe III and foreign policy

    The only period of peace in the Spain of the Habsburgs that consisted of:
    - 12-year truce with the Netherlands
    - Peace treaty with England
    - Peace treaty with France
    Felipe III signed a series of peace treaties with France, England and Holland,
  • Peace between London and England

  • El Quijote is published

    El Quijote is published
  • Period: to

    His son Felipe IV

    married in first nuptials with Isabel de Borbón, and in second nuptials with Mariana de Austria
  • Period: to

    His daughter María Ana de Austria

    Empress of the Holy Empire, wife of Fernando III.
  • Period: to

    His son Carlos de Austria

    He was an infant of Spain and the fifth child of the marriage formed by Felipe III and Margarita de Austria-Estiria.
  • Peace with France

  • Period: to

    His son Fernando de Austria

    He was Infant of Spain and Portugal, Governor of the State of Milan and the Spanish Netherlands, Viceroy of Catalonia, Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Toledo (1619-1641) and Commander of the Spanish forces during the Thirty Years' War (1618- 1648).
  • The reign of Philip III and domestic politics

    The reign of Felipe III and the internal policy consisted of:
    -The era of the valid (Duke of Lerma)
    -The kick of the Moorish
    After these events, an economic crisis begins for the whole country and for Castile.
  • Expulsion of the Moriscos

    Expulsion of the Moriscos
    The expulsion of the Moors from the Hispanic Monarchy was ordered by King Felipe III between 1609 and 1613. In 1609 the expulsion of the Moors from Spain was decreed for the following reasons:
    -The attitude of unconvinced Christians, in a state that defends Catholicism.
    -Its possible alliance with the Turks and Berbers who constantly attacked the coasts of the Levant.
    -Its unpopularity with the population.
    -The need for the State to control its wealth and values.
  • Period: to

    His daughter Margarita de Austria

    She was an Infanta of Spain of the seventeenth century. She was the seventh of the children of the marriage formed by King Felipe III of Spain and Queen Margarita of Austria-Styria and the fourth of their daughters
  • Foundation Act of the Validation Regime

    After the death of Lerma, Felipe III took over his position by ordering the presidents of the Councils. The act that is the Foundation of the validation regime was started.
  • Period: to

    His son Alonso de Austria

    Alonso de Austria was a 17th century Spanish infant who died in infancy.
    He was the last of the eight children of the spouses and the fourth of the boys. As a consequence of this delivery, her mother died, who died a few days after it.
  • The problems in Portugal with the political economy.

  • The end of the Reign of Felipe III: marriages and other heirs of the reigns in Europe.

  • Successes with the north of Italy with a new period started.

  • His death

    Felipe III died in 1621, on March 31, in Madrid. His remains were interred in the royal pantheon built in the El Escorial Monastery.