Fear : R.L. Stine: fiction:pgs. 296

  • Read pages 3-41

    The pages I read were made of two different scary stories "Welcome to the Club" and She's Different Tonight". Welcome to the club was about a new kid named JJ who wanted to be apart of the killers group but he had to kill someone in order to get in.She's different tonight was about a creepy popular guy named Vince Romero who ends up being a werewolf and attacks this girl who ends up being a vampire. Pages read 38.
  • pages 42-49

    So far the story "Suckers" is about a family who moved to as different planet and people are beginning to disappear. Its a famly of six and are moving from New york. Pages read 46.
  • Read pages 50-83

    i finished the story 'fear' it was about a family who moved to lectus(a planet) and strange things were happening. People began missing and it ended up being giant aliens. Then i began reading 'the perfects' a story about a family that moved in. The main character is hannah and she has to watch these kids next dorr and they are very peculiar, thats where i am at now. Pages read 80.
  • Read Pages 84-103

    I finished readng the story the perfects, iit ended with the family trying to eat Hannah the babysitter, I began the story Shadow Children, its about two brothers and one night the youngest brother is attacked by a scary monster and they end up in a new world and the eldest brother searches for his little brother was kidnapped by the monster. The shadow children are the monsters and end up possesing the little brother because in order to live on earth they have to take a child. I read a 100 pgs.
  • Read Pages 104-126

    I finished the shadow children, at the end it talks about how the brothers fight the shadow children and when they wake up in the morning the older brother sees his little brother is possed by shadow children. I also read the posion ring, its about a mom and daughte that own a antique store and the daughter ends up being hosatage. Total pages read 123.
  • Read pages 126-134

    I read the story dragon fly, it talks about a killer in a school and ends up killing this girl, the girl became a spirit and is watching the killer holding another girl hostage and she saves the girl from being killed by going in the killers body. Total pages read 131.
  • Read 135-158

    I read Jeeper peepers, its about a girl who watches a boy in a home by the swamp.The boy ends up being blind and has a special ability of seeing stuff and it becomes true. He created jeeper peepers and thee trying to kill him and the babysitter but the babysitter realizes he created he probably can destroy them and he does it. Total pages read 155
  • Read pages 159-186

    I read piney power, its about these kids that are poor and are inbred and they have special powers and they find out that these people are putting toxic fluids in the ground. Its spreading to there whell and they ctach the people and end up killing the bad people. Total pages read 183.
  • Read Pages 187-216

    The night hunter is about a girl who works at a mall andis witness a bank robbery at the mall. The guy holds her hostage and while their in the car she makes him run into the the tree. The night hunter a super hero ends up saving her and pulls her out of the car. Total pages read 213.
  • Read pages 217-234

    I read tuition. Marlon is a 17 year old boy whos family are a bunch of thiefs and crooks. In order to pay to go to priceton he has to unlock a safe and still the money, it ends up being a suprise party but his family and him get caught by the security guard and kisses princeton goodbye. Total pages read 231.
  • Read pages 235-268

    I read the story tagger, its about a asian girl who tags in la .Her power of tagging a chinese symbols saves the place from a disater she has in her vision. The demon wants to kill her so they send her in a virtual world to stop him. Total pages read 265.
  • Read pages 269-296

    I read ray gun., its about a boy and a dad on a train and this girls gecko truns into a big monster and is trying to kill them. The giant gecko really hurts the boy. They soon realize the dog in the train scares the gecko and makes it small again. Total pages read 293.