Fashion Throughout Time

  • 1920's

    The 1920's were the flapper age. A flapper was a dancer in the 1920, also none as the Roaring Twenties. They wore flowy, sparkly dresses and lots of jewelry and dramatic make-up. The silhouette of most garments were very fitting and clos to the body, almost like and inverted triangle.
  • 1930's

    The 1930's was the tiume when fashions were not very big, but the housewife look was very popular. They had bigger shoulders and had a flaring bottom. They usually wore skirts instead of pants.
  • 1940's

    The fashion of the 1940's has knee lenghth hem lines, and they wore very dark colors. They used very basic patterns and fabric.
  • 1950's

    The 50's were a lot of A-Line skirts and light pinks. Women wore silky dresses and short heels.
  • 1960's

    The 60's started the hippie era, and the fashion ranged from a wide variety of clothing. Women like Jackie Kennedy wore pill-box hats, and quarter lenghtsleeves. Other women wore flared pants with tall boots and flowing tops.
  • 1970's

    In the 1970's women wore mini dresses and tie-die. They also had some very flowing dresses and skirts. The hippie era continued.
  • 1980's

    The 1980's had ratty hair, mismaching clothes, and mesh. The silhouette was an inverted triangle.
  • 1990's

    The 1990's had very bright colors, and bold patters. Jeans went up to the waist, and people wore tennis shoes and big hair.
  • 2000

    In 2000, fashion was becoming very popular and had a wide variety of styles. They had all different silhouettes and wore different colors and fabrics.