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Fashion in the 60s

  • Year 60

    Year 60
    With the influence of English fashion, the 60s would experience what is known as movement or mod style. This style was characterized by red miniskirts and stockings in pale colors or with lace texture, low-heeled footwear similar to those worn by girls, masculine jackets and ties.
  • Lolitas

    In the 60s, the ideal was not to show the female body or its attributes, curves, etc., but to appear thin and childish, to show the most childish side as a game of seduction, that is how the famous Lolitas appeared.
  • Period: to

    Bell boot trousers

    The bell bottoms also found their way into the fashion of the 60s and both men and women wore this piece of clothing that they loved so much. They came in all colors, with great designs and patterns ... it was rare that someone young at this time did not have bell bottoms in their wardrobe.
  • Fashion

    The 1960s was one of the most remarkable periods in the history of the mda. It was a time of freedom of expression
  • Hippies

    The hippies filled world society with flowers and color, thanks to music festivals, crossed the North American borders and landed in Europe, where their critical and peaceful discourse was reflected not only in their voice, but also in their way of dressing. After the classic "elephant feet" came the Hindu shirts, long hair, all as a result of the hippie influence. In contrast, the suits and dresses wore tight pants.
  • Lycra

    The appearance of lycra displaced the hitherto essential cotton. Women sought comfort above all else, more than beauty, ensuring that fashion did not have sex, thus unisex garments were born. The women were modern and independent, the garment that marked a before and after for them was the miniskirt. This new look was completed with patterned stockings and high boots up to above the knee in ideally white.
  • upper garments

    upper garments
    To continue with the feminine aesthetic and not forget to mark the waist, the upper garments, as well as t-shirts, shirts or blouses, were used to be worn inside the pants or skirt. The round necklines and necklines, known as Peter Pan collars, as well as tight-fitting T-shirts are also very classic at this time.
  • Fashion Retro

    Fashion Retro
    The year 70 will always be remembered not only for having meant a year full of political and social changes, but they are also very marked by culture and especially by fashion and aesthetics that we will now analyze. The "retro" fashion is a trend and not only because it is influenced by all the fashion of the 80s but also because of the proposals and the style of the 70s that we now show you, also adding how was the makeup and hairstyles of that time.