F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life

  • Birth

    Saint Paul, Minnesota.
  • Schooling

    Fitzgerald was a member of the Princeton class
  • Military

    Later that year, due to Fitzgerald’s academic failure he was put on academic probation and became motivated to join the army.
  • Discharge

    After leaving the military Fitzgerald went to New York City to marry his dream girl, Zelda, but she cancelled their engagement.
  • Marriage

    Zelda wanted to marry Fitzgerald once he became a writer for the Saturday evening post.
  • First child

    First child
    In 1921 the Fitzgerald family had their first child, Francis Scott Fitzgerald.
  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby
    The Fitzgerald’s had moved to France where Scott had written his first massive novel which would later become a hit.
  • Return to America

    The Fitzgerald’s left France and rented out a mansion in the where Zelda would practice to become a professional dancer.
  • Return to France

    Zelda’s intense ballet training had damaged her mental health and caused her to have a mental breakdown
  • Treatment

    Scott’s novel writing was paused as he had to write short stories to pay for Zelda’s psychiatric treatment.
  • Tender is the Night

    Tender is the Night
    Zelda’s mental treatment influenced Scott to mirror the relationship between characters in the book to him and his wife.
  • Tough times

    Fitzgerald had problems with alcoholism and his daughter was sent to boarding school at 14
  • Hollywood

    Fitzgerald moved to Hollywood alone to work as a screenwriter
  • The love of the lost Tycoon

    The love of the lost Tycoon
    Fitzgerald was working on his last novel ever.
  • Death

    Unfortunately halfway through his last novel he passed from a heart attack.