Timeline created by bramhichougule
  • Plankalkul

    DEVELOPER- Konrad Zuse
    This was developed to use words that could be transplanted into machine code, to simplify the process.
  • Fortran

    DEVELOPERS- John Backus
    developed to allow easy translation of math formulas into code.

    DEVELOPERS- Charles Katz
    it is the first data processing language that is english-like

    DEVELOPERS- Grace Murray Hopper
    Developed for administration and buisness purposes.
  • RPG

    is compatible with IBM i- or also OS/400-based systems. its a report program generator used for business applications.
  • Lisp

    DEVELOPERS- John McCarthy
    It is a practical mathematical notation for computer programs
  • Basic

    DEVELOPER- John G. Kemeny, and Thomas E. Kurtz
    This is a beginner's all-purpose symbolic instructions code, meant for students to write single computer programs.
  • LOGO

    DEVELOPERS- Wally Feurzeig, Seymour Papart, amd Cynthia Solomon.
    Developed to teach concepts of programming which are related to lisp.
  • B

    DEVELOPER- Ken Thompson, and Dennis Ritchie
    Developed for system programming

    DEVELOPERS- Niklaus Wirth
    Developed to teach structured programming.
  • SQL

    DEVELOPERS- Raymond Boyce, and Donald Chamberlin
    meant to provide a query language for IBM's system r database.
  • C

    DEVELOPERS- Dennis ritchie, and brian kernighan
    Meant to construct utilities that run on unix
  • ML

    DEVELOPERS- Robin Milner
    in the LCF theorem prover Develops proof tactics; meta language
  • ADA

    DEVELOPER- Jean Ichbiah, and S. Tucker Traft
    Used as a way to support software engineering principles and good practices.
  • Python

    DEVELOPERS- Guide van rossum
    made to emphasize on code readability, and also its syntax allows programmers to concepts in much fewer lines of code.
  • Java

    DEVELOPERS- James Gosling
    Developed to create a new language that allows consumer electronics to communicate together
  • Visual Basic

    DEVELOPERS- Alan cooper
    developed so it is easier to write programs for the windows operating system.
  • PHP

    DEVELOPERS- Rasmus Lerdorf
    This was developed for the creators personal purposes. Hypertext Processor.
  • Delphi

    DEVELOPERS- Anders Hejlsberg
    Its a rapid application development tool for windows as the succesor of turbo pascal.
  • Javascript

    DEVELOPERS- Brendan Eich
    developed to create a language that is used by designers and informal programmers .
  • C++

    DEVELOPERS- Bjarne Staroustrup
    developed to provide a flexible and efficient language