Evoultion of the Automobile

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    Evouloution of the Automobile

  • First rudimentary internal combustion piston engine.

    The first rudimentary internal combustion piston engine was desinged, but never created, by Christiaan Huygens. He used gunpowder to drive water pumps, to supply 3000 cubic meters of water per day.
  • First automobile created.

    First automobile created.
    The first automobile was steam powered, and was not very efficent. It was called the CugNot Steam Trolly.
  • Gasoline Engine

    Gasoline Engine
    The first gasoline engine was created in 1860 by a Belgian Engineer by the name of Étienne Lenoir.
  • Gasoline

    Gasoline was first used in automobiles in 1892
  • Ransom E. Olds

    Ransom E. Olds
    Ransom Olds was the first large scale manufacturer in history, coming into production with his affordable brand of vehicles, Oldsmobiles.
  • Ford

    Henry Ford greatly expanded the large scale manufacturing, as his vehicles came out 15 minutes apart.
  • The automobile now transforms into savage killing machines.

    The automobile now transforms into savage killing machines.
    Video of the Mk1 tank.The MK 1 tank, the first tank in history. Tanks were used since WW1 and are still used today. Tanks have undergone many changes such as speed, armament, size, crew capacity, and more.
  • Future of Driving

    Future of Driving
    Volkswagen has created a hands free vehicle that uses cameras and satellites to guide it along the road to its destination. It will be expected to be further worked on and mass produced in 2020.