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Evoluton of the Telephone

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    The Evolution of the Telephone

  • The First Phone

    The First Phone
    WikipediaWas created by Alexander Grahmn Bell.
  • The Photophone

    The Photophone
    WikipediaThis was invented by Alexander G. Bell and Charles S. Tainter. It used light to send sound.
  • The First Rotary Dial Phone

    The First Rotary Dial Phone
    Was frist used for the Bell Company
  • Car phone

    Car phone
    Scjanis2.WordpressThese were basicly the first cell phones. The were so bulky that, they took up the back of the trunk. Also they were a major drain of battery.
  • The first video phone

    The first video phone
    Mobhappy It could have been made as early as 1935, but was generaly used inmore in 1950.
  • The First Cell Phone

    The First Cell Phone
    WikipediaThis was a slightly better version of the car phone.
  • Second Generation of Cell Phones

    Second Generation of Cell Phones
    WikipediaThe second generation was launched in Finland. They were slimer for more easier carrying. These were also the first mobile phones with camera's.
  • BlackBerry

    WikipediaThe first BlackBerry was a two way pager. It was in 2003, that the BlackBerry that we know today came into stock.
  • Third Generation of Cell Phones

    Third Generation of Cell Phones
    WikipediaJapan launched the third generation. These introduced touch screens.
  • iPhone

    WikipediaThis is what started the 4th generation of cell phones.