Evolutionary Theory

  • Hutton proposes the theory of Gradualism

    Gradualism- The theory that changes in the Earth's crust are due to aslow continuous process.
  • Malthus publishes "Essay on the Principles of Populstion"

    He stated that there would never be enough food to sustain an idealistic society. He also made clear that humans will continue to consume and reproduce.
  • Lamark's Theory of Evolution is published

    Lamark hypothesized two mechanisms of evolution, Law of Use and Disuse, and inheritance of acquired characters.
  • Principles of Geology by Lyell is pubilshed

    His book explained geological process that shaped the Earth. He also came up with the theory of Uniformitarianism.
  • Period: to

    Daarwin begins travel around the world on Beagle

    During his expedition he wrote a book that changed his views of evolution.
  • Darwin begins his notebooks on species

    In his writtings he described species, land formations, etc.. He also included detailed illustrations.
  • Darwin writes his essay on the origin of species

    In this essay he clarified his theory os evolution.
  • Wallance sends his theory to Darwin

    Thought that natural selection was the principle mechanism of adptive evolution.
  • The Origin Of Species by Darwin is published

    This book included his many theories of evolution. Some of were inspired by other biologist.
  • Mendel publishes his papers on inheritence.

    it stated the theory that hereditary characteristics are passed down from parent organism to offspring.