Evolutionary of the iPod

Timeline created by Pennynaylor15
  • iPod 1st generation

    iPod 1st generation
    Had a wheel that you scroll. It was not a touch screen.
  • iPod 2nd generation

    iPod 2nd generation
    This iPod had a touch sensitive wheel but still no touch screen
  • iPod 3rd generation

    iPod 3rd generation
    They added games and alarm clock. They made it lighter.
  • iPod mini

    iPod mini
    It was the smallest iPod out at the time and it came in multipul colors
  • iPod 4th generation

    iPod 4th generation
  • iPod photo

    iPod photo
    They made a iPod with color so you could have pictures on it.
  • iPod shuffle

    iPod shuffle
    .78 ounces
  • iPod nano

    iPod nano
    smallest iPod when first came out
  • iPod 5th generation

    iPod 5th generation
    thinner then the last ipod model
  • iPod shuffle

    iPod shuffle
    They shrunk the original iPod shuffle. This came in different colors
  • iPod touch

    iPod touch
    first ipod with touch screen and was able to connect with wifi. Also it was much like the iPhone
  • iPod touch

    iPod touch
    thinner then the original and has built in speakers and has volume controls
  • ipod 5th generation

    ipod 5th generation
    updated camera, microphone, more memory