The Evolution of our Modern Technology

Timeline created by Trinityyy123
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency

    It was created by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in response to the Soviet launching of Sputnik in 1957
  • Packet-Switching Concept

    It was invented by Paul Baran
  • WAN (wide area network)

    It created by Western Electric. In 1996 Thomas Maril and Lawrence G. Roberts published a paper on an experimental WAN for computer time-sharing
  • Apple

  • IBM PC lauch

  • Emoticon

    The first user of the emoticon is Scott Fahlman
  • The First Virus

    Its called Brains and was written by two brothers from Pakistan
  • The First Worm

    It was called the Morris Worm
  • WWW (world wide web)

    The person that introduced it was Tim Berners-Lee
  • Internet Browser

    by Thomas Reardon
  • Michelangelo virus

  • Mosatic Web Browser

  • Amazon

  • Yahoo

  • Ebay

  • Modern Invented

  • AOL launch instant messenger

  • Google

  • The First Virus

    It was called "Timofonica". A virus that could be used by anyone in order to educate the public of the threat
  • iTunes

  • Safari

  • Facebook

    By Mark Zuckerberg
  • Youtube

    The first Youtube video was uploaded by Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo
  • Apple launch Iphone

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Skype