Evolution through the years

  • buffon

    between year 0 to the 1700 hundreds the bibles story of creation was the excepted theory of how all life was created. Buffon was the first person to publically dissagree with the story of creation. He suggested that the world was over six thousand years old and that apes and humans had a common ancestor
  • lamark

    Compared current species with fossil fuels. His theory "InHeritance of Acquired Characteristics" states that species slowly gains traits and incrasees in complexity through the generations until they achieve perfection.
  • Cuvier

    Cuvier, who is largly credited for creating the science of palentology noticed that each strata of rocks is characterized by unqiue fossil types. He propoused that numours cataclismic events happened which explianed all the species becoming extinct. He called these events revolutions which were violent enough to have killed numerous species
  • Lyell

    rejected cuviers theory and propoused that geological procsses operated at the same speed as they do now. He thought that the earth was much older than six thousand years old because the earth moves at the same slow rate it always has.
  • Darwin

    In 1831 Charles Darwin left for south america on the HMS, beagle, the jounary povided the young naturalist to explore natural history in multipul geographical locations. He found that extinct organisms were very similar to living organisms.
  • wallace

    wallace, who is considered the co-discoverer of evolution did extensive feild work, in many areas which is now southeast asia. he collected many specimins and sent them to charles darwin which promted darwin to publish the book " The orgin of species"
  • Darwin

    Darwin published the orgin of species which said that the Present forms of life have arisen by descent and modification from an ancestral speices and the mechanism for modifcation is natrual selection working for long periods of time. Him and wallace are both credited for created the theory of evolution and natrual selection, these men are the true intellectalls of our time inspiring so many others.