Evolution of TV from Radio to the Golden Age- Alexa Giroux

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    Golden Age

  • Formation of NBC

    Formation of NBC
    NBC became the first major radio network in the United States. NBC set the stage for network radio broadcasts and future television. NBC pioneered the concept of broadcasting networks
  • First Television Broadcast

    First Television Broadcast
    This was a monumental event in TV broadcast history. The event marled the birth the regular of TV broadcasts . This demonstrated the potential for a new medium for environment and information. This will forever be a monumental moment in US history in relation to technology.
  • First Television Broadcast

  • First TV Advertisement

    First TV Advertisement
    The first television advertisement was aired in 1941 by Bulova watch company who at the time payed $9 for a 10 second ad during a baseball games. This event marks the beginning of commercial television which helped shaped the economic model of tv advertisement.
  • The Quiz Show Scandal

    The Quiz Show Scandal
    The quiz show scandal led to a major public outcry, this scandal resulted in stricter regulations and loss of trust in television program. This was one of the first scandals faced in the television industry, and molded the regulations of television today.
  • First color tv program

    First color tv program
    Color tv was first introduced to the public by CBS broadcast on June 25th, 1951. It went mostly unwatched because many people only had black and white televisions. The adoption of color broadcasting expanded throughout the decade, leading to an increase in television sales and the production of color programming.
  • Premiere of "I love Lucy"

    Premiere of "I love Lucy"
    The premiere of I love lucy demonstrated potential for sitcoms on TV, this sow was an influential to programing and production. The multi- camera set up in front of the live audience