Track spkies

Evolution of Track Spikes

  • Track spikes

    Track spikes
    Track spikes were first invited in the 1850s by Joseph Willian Forrest, who also happened to be a runner himself. They were made to help runners increase their traction on the track, and lower their overall speed. With built in nails and business shoe appearance. They were dull, hot, and heavy. source:
  • Improvements

    In the 1900s track shoes were made out of kangaroo leather, because it was known for its strength and low weight. Adi Dassler started hand crafting shoes, remaking the shape of track shoes from a formal look to sportswear. Therefore turning this into a successful business known as Adidas, and in the future have Olympians wearing his brand for year to come. Source:
  • Different type of spikes

    Different type of spikes
    After the development of the new shape of spikes in track. Adi thought that each event needed a different type of shoe, because each event required different skills. Therefore he created a range of shoes for different events in the sport of track and field. Source:
  • Metal plates

    Metal plates
    Later on Adi developed changed the rubber soles of shoes to metal plates, making it easier for the spikes to be inserted. Therefore making them steadier. Source:
  • Sipkes

    In the beginning the spikes in the shoe were nails and couldn't be taken out, and that was a problem. If the nails in the shoe got dull you would have to buy a whole new shoe. Therefore they invited spikes that could screw into a metal plate, and now you would only have to buy spikes and not a new shoe. Source:
  • Light weight

    Light weight
    to decrease the overall speed of a runner they had to change the material of the shoe. Thus going from rubber and leather material to a nylon material making the show light and airy. Source:
  • today track shoes

    today track shoes
    Today spikes are much different from the past they are light weight, airy, the spikes are removable, the heel of the shoe has been changed to have an arch, and the overall appearance are brighter. Track shoes are always gonna be improved because athletes want to be the best, and they need the best shoes to do it. Source: