Evolution of the Phone: Tori Barclay 2B

Timeline created by barclayv
  • The First Phone

    The First Phone
    The First Phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. He made the first call on March 10, 1876. The first phone worked much differently and looked very different from the phones that we are used to having today.
  • Wall Phone

    Wall Phone
    The wall phone was shortly invented after the first phone was. It was much different from the first phone and it was invented by Francis Blake. You could spin a dial to type in the number you wanted to call and it was attached the wall with wires.
  • Rotary Dial Phone

    Rotary Dial Phone
    The rotary dial phone was invented by Almon Brown Strowger. This phone was not attached to the wall and it was a desk phone. It has a rotary dial like the wall phone but easier to handle and you could place it in a variety of places in your home.
  • The First Portable Phone

    The First Portable Phone
    The first portable phone was invented by Motorola. This was a large handheld mobile phone that people were able to take anywhere and still make calls just like they could with the phones at their home.
  • Flip Phone

    Flip Phone
    This design was created by Motorola and it was a much smaller version of their first portable phone. There was also more things you could do on this phone such as texting and calling.
  • Touch Screen Phone

    Touch Screen Phone
    The first touch screen phone was introduced in the 1900s. With this phone you were able to text and call from where ever you wanted. You were also able to more things such as play games, draw and download different apps.
  • First Iphone

    First Iphone
    The first iPhone was introduced to the world by the company Apple. With this phone you were able to call, text, play games, draw, listen to music, use a calculator and download tons of apps. This phone was very popular and many people had bought it.
  • First Samsung SmartPhone

    First Samsung SmartPhone
    Samsung is another phone company that produces high-quality phones that are popular amongst all ages. On the phone, you can make texts, calls, play games, track different things, make notes and much more. Samsung released its first smartphone in 2008.
  • Iphone X

    Iphone X
    iPhone X is the most recent iPhone that has been released. It is the most advanced and has many different qualities to it. Something it can do is face recognition, games, apps, siri, security, safari, email, weather, health tracker, calculator, and many more things. Phones have come a long way and developed to become something great.
  • Google Pixel

    Google Pixel
    The google pixel is a highly advanced phone that uses modern technology. The phone is like a smartphone and is very high tech. It has a variety of different things that you can do. There is google on it, a Siri, weather tracker, health tracker and much more.