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Evolution of the Record Player

  • The Invention of the Record Player

    The Invention of the Record Player
    The Record player, a device that could play sound by reading vibrations from a record disk, was inveted by a well known inventor, Thomas Edision. He created a device that would change the world forever. Today, our radios, our ipods, and our computers all started as a medium size box, where a needle moved across groves in tinfoil paper to create noise, which was amplified through a small speaker.
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    The Invention of the record player

  • The Gramophone

    The Gramophone
    The gramophone made in 1887 was made by Emile Berliner. Emile took Edison's original record player to the next level. The gramophone, was similar to the record player, but had better features. The gramophone could still play music or recordings, but it didn't use foil like the record player. The gramophone introduced vinyl, the disk that you see DJ's using on their turn tables. On the side of the gramophone, is a crank used to spin the vinyl that created the same noise as the record player.
  • Vinyl Records

    Vinyl Records
    Vinly records, were a huge upraor in the early 19th centry. Record were designed first for the gramophone. The record was a disk, abpout twice the size of a regular CD, and it would be placed on top of the gramophone, then a needle would be placed on top of the record. By turning the crank handle on the side of the gramophone, the needle would move across the disk and make sound vibrations, that were amplified through the gramophones speaker.
  • The Turntable

    The Turntable
    The Turntable, invented by Daniel Leland Cooley in the 1930s. The turntable, was not much of a hit when it was invented, but it sky rocketed in the 1970s. People called "Disk Jockeys", or what we call "DJs", used the turntables to play multiple songs at parties, concerts, and more. The turntable also invented a techniqe DJs used called scratching, when you move the vinyl disk back and forth. In the next coming decades, the turntables became huge, and DJing was taken to a whole next level!
  • Transistor Radio

    Transistor Radio
    The Transistor Radio, was a huge invention in the mid-1900s. This radio, was pocket sized, and extremely portable. It started having only an AM chanel based tunner, and could listen to live DJ's (disk jockeys) broadcast music through radio towers, and signals. This radio took a huge step from record players all the way to a small, portable device that can easily listen to music.
  • Long Playing Record

    Long Playing Record
    Long playing Records, (LPss) were another type of record disk. This type of disk, was much different than the others. The LPs' allowed for people to listen to artists albums all on one disk. LPs allowed artits to record them singing entire albums of music. After recording, companies made thousands of copys of that artist songs on a long playing record. the companies would sell these albums on records disks, which customers could purchase at stores, and play it on a gramophone
  • The Compact Cassette

    The Compact Cassette
    The compact cassette, was created by a grop called "Philips Comany" from the Netherlands. the cassette was more like the record player than the Transistor Radio, but about the same size as the Transistor Radio. It was a small rectangle shaped box that could play up to 60 minutes of recordings or music. Like a record disk, the cassette had to have something spin its wheels to make the sound play. Devices called Cassette Players were able to read a cassette disk, and play the sound.
  • The First Apple Ipod

    The First Apple Ipod
    The original Ipod Classic, was a huge hit! Created bt Apple, in 2001, the ipod classic took the world by storm. it was about the same size as a cassette player, but it had a LCD screen, so you could see the music you were listening to, and songs could be purchased on your computer, and easily moved to your own ipod via USB. This was only the start of Apple's ipod design. Later, in 2008, they created the touchscreen "Ipod Touch".
  • Pioneer DDJ-ERGO

    Pioneer DDJ-ERGO
    Pioneer, is a DJing company that produces dj equipment and controllers. This, is where the DJing goe from a turntable to a virtual, digital DJ consol. Personally, I own the pioneer DDJ-ERGO. It's a 2-channel DJ controller, that can hook up to your computer or even your Ipad! What you can do, is what anyother professional DJ can do. Such as adding effects to your songs, making remixes, and most importantly, having fun! The DDJ-ERGO took a huge step from using a vinyl disk, to simply playing music
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000 NEXUS

    Pioneer CDJ-2000 NEXUS
    For my last object on my timeline, I chose the Pioneer CDJ-2000 NEXUS. This device, is the most trusted, most used, and in my opinion best CD/MP3 player in the market. Pioneer DJ did it again, and made a 4 channel device with a vinyl like disk to scratch with. You can put CDs into the CDJ, USB's up to 1 tera byte (1000 gigabytes) of songs on it, or like most DJ's, use it with your laptop or coputer. I think its really cool to look at the original Record player, all the way to Pioneers's CDJ!