Evolution of the Phone

  • First Phone

    Alexander Graham Bell creates the first phone. The first words spoken via telephone were from Bell to his assistant Watson, saying "Mr. Watson--come here--I want to see you."
  • Bell Telephone Company

    In July of 1777 the Bell Telephone Company was formed by Gardiner Hubbard.
  • Rotary Telephone

    The Frankfut "Bauhaus" is created. It was known as the first version of the rotary telephone.
  • Mobile Phone for Cars

    In 1960 in Sweden, the first automatic mobile phone system for cars (Mobile Telephone System A) was launched.
  • AT&T Picturephone

    AT&T creates the first videophone.
  • First Mobile Phone

    The first mobile phone, known as the AEG Telecar CD, is created
  • First Flip Cell Phone

    The first flip cell phone, the Motorola MicroTAC9800X, is created.
  • 1st Touch Screen phone

    The IBM Simon is created and is considered to be the first smart phone and touch screen.
  • Popular Flip Phone

    The Motorola StarTAC is created, and it helps start the cell phone craze.
  • First Cell Phone with Camera

    The Sharp J-SHO4 becomes the first cell phone with a camera built in.
  • First Blackberry

    The Blackberry 5810 is created, revolutionizing the telephone industry as well as introducing the world to the BlackBerry Brand.
  • The iPhone

    The first iPhone is created by Steve Jobs and Apple. The iPhone allowed for your phone to be an iPod, a telephone, and was able to have games known as "apps."
  • First Android

    The T-Mobile G1 is created, becoming the first phone to use Google's Android operating system.
  • SixthSense Technology

    Pranav Mistry and his studies at MIT found that through the use of a simple camera, it could bring the digital world to the physical world. He came out with this study in 2009, but has not been released to the public.
  • LG Flutter Concept Phone

    The LG Flutter will have an opportunity to be featured in a future blockbuster movie. The device opens up like a fan, as you can see in the image above and has a flexible OLED touch screen display that scrolls radically.