Evolution Of The Air Conditioner

Timeline created by meghanrae
  • First A/C

    First A/C
    First A/C unit is made.
  • Spray Driven Air Conditioning System

    Spray Driven Air Conditioning System
    This system was designed which controlled both temperature and humidity using a nozzle, which was originally designed to spray insectiside.
  • Air Conditioning gets real !

    Air Conditioning gets real !
    The first air conditioners were being used in industrial workshops to help cool products, and employees.
  • A/C for Public Places

    A/C for Public Places
    A/C designed & installed air conditioning systems for manufacturing plants & basic department stores.
  • Moving Chiller

    Moving Chiller
    This allowed the regular A/C unit to cool large areas.
  • Safe A/C

    Safe A/C
    By 1928 Carrier had invented the 'WeatherMaker', The first safe home air conditioner.
  • A/C goes mobile

    A/C goes mobile
    First A/C unit was designed for cars.
  • A/C gets bumped up .

    A/C gets bumped up .
    On June 17, 1946, the Carrier Engineering Corporation sold the rights for A/Cs to many different organisations. These organisations, such as KiKiKool and Ruud, were what made Air Conditioners as we now think of them, able to cool huge spaces with very precise contro
  • First Digital Air Conditioner

    First Digital Air Conditioner
    The first A/Cs to go down to the one hundredth mark on a thermometer were invented by the Kholor Corporation in 1998.
  • Portable Air Conditioner

    Portable Air Conditioner
    The first A/C units that could simply be plugged in were created in 2002.
  • Gets big !

    Gets big !
    It is installed in homes & digital conntrol.