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Evolution Of Softball

  • The creation of softball

    The creation of softball
    The game of softball was introduced on thanksgiving at a Harvard-Yale football game. After the football game the players placed bets and an indoor game of baseball started. But the ball was soft and did not require gloves. As a result of this game George Hancock wrote down a list of rules and a big soft ball and a bat that had a rubber tip on the end
  • The field

    The field
    "Indoor baseball" or softball had become very popular in the late 1880's. By winter time in Chicago this was a way to keep in shape for the baseball players because it could be played inside. Thus, a winter league was formed. The softballs were 10-20 inches in diameter. A fire man, Lewis Robber nded something to keep his men busy so he marked a smaller field by the station. The smaller field would ensure way more action and offense thsan baseball. He decided to limit the games to seven innings.
  • Girl can do what boys can do, but only better

    Girl can do what boys can do, but only better
    Softball was introduced to girls through a high school. The first organized womens team was made in Chicago at West Division high school. This was important because the only sports girls really played was field hockey and rowing. This showed a little more independance for women.
  • "Softball"

    As this sport was getting more popular as the years went on it spread all over the midwestern united states. Parts of Canada even started playing this sport. Everyone semed to follow the same rules but the only difference was no one called it by the same name. People were calling it "diamond ball" "mush ball" and "pumpkin ball". Walter Hakanson officially made the term "softball" a National Recreation Congress meeting.
  • Official Association

    Official Association
    After a successful tournament where 55 teams competed from around the unitd states; one of the founders of the tournament thought it was time to have real regulations to follow. They set rules for different age groups, kids would have smaller balls than adults and teenagers. The field size varies between fastpitch and slowpitch.
  • Amazing opportunities

    Amazing opportunities
    As Softball expanded and many teenage girls were playing colleges started giving out scholorships. This helped girls who could not offord college at its full price pay for college. This was an advantage because instead of quitting the sport you love and having to get a job, having a scholarship helps pay for that and you get to continue what you love
  • The college world series

    The college world series
    In Omaha, Nabraska the college world series was played. The series was a total of 32 teams of 8 different regions. The two finalists were UCLA vs. Fresno state. The winner ended up being UCLA.
  • Olympics

    In the world olympics softball had ben entered as a medal event. The US womens team had won all thee events and that was when the popularity of the sport increased. Then unfortunately, softball was dropped as a sport in the olympics
  • Pro Fastpitch

    Pro Fastpitch
    In 2004 the Womens pro fastpitch softball leagues formed four pro teams. These four team would be broadcasted on MLB. com. And later that year they created a World Cup for softball so the teams could go against the bet in the world. Once softball was taken out of the olympics, this was their way of still being able to compeat against eachother.
  • Today

    Today the National Womens Softball Association has 113 member countries, it have become very popular. In the united stated over 25 millon people play. t has impacted many peoples lives.