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Evolution of Rock Music

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    History of Rock

  • The start of rock

    The start of rock
    There is some disagreement about when rock music was actually invented. Many people site the early to mid 1950's as the starting point. Rockwas actually a combination of many different types of music, such as R&B and country.
  • Rock music becomes known

    Rock music becomes known
    Bill Haley and His Comets' song "Rock Around The Clock" is the first #1 rock and roll song that its number one on Pop charts.
  • Rock becomes popular

    Rock becomes popular
    By 1957, rock music accounted for 43% of all records sold. Some artists in this time included Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Johnny Cash
  • The British Invasion

    The British Invasion
    The Beetles lead the British Invasion by reaching the Billboard "Hot 100". At one point during the spring, the band held the top five spots of the chart.
  • Woodstock Music Festival

    Woodstock Music Festival
    This marks the end of the three day rock festival. The festival drew in about 500,000 people and is one of the most successful rock festival at the time.
  • Rock gains variety

    Rock gains variety
    Hard rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal all start to be formed. The bands Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Who become household names in music, and go on many tours,
  • Punk Rock

    Punk Rock
    Punk Rock becomes another variety of rock music. With the introduction of punk rock, the use of sythesizers in music.
  • MTV is created

    MTV is created
    MTV dominantes music of all types including music. This puts emphasise on music videos. Punk rock and New Wave music is very popular at the time for the rock genre.
  • Alternative rock

    Alternative rock
    Alternative rock becomes the new style that is popular among rock listeners. Bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers have a lot of success do to this change in music style.
  • Rap metal and rapcore

    Rap metal and rapcore
    Both rap metal and rapcore was rock's way to change with the times. Rap and Hip-hop music became very popular during this around this time. Rap metal and rapcore combine rock and rap together.