Evolution of music from 1920-2020 ( Based of of my personal preferences from every decade )

Timeline created by Jonathan Harasym
In Music
  • 1920's - Makin' whoopee by: Bing Crosby

  • 1930's - St. Louis blues by: Louis Armstrong

  • 1940's - Swinging on a star by: Bing Crosby

  • 1950's - Yakkity yak by: The coasters

  • 1960's - House of the rising sun by: The Animals

  • 1970's - Stairway to heaven by: Led Zepplin

  • 1980's - Forever young by: Alphaville (or anything by Def leppard in this decade greatest band ever)

  • 1990's - I do it for you by: Bryan Adams

  • 2000's - Hey ya' by: Outkast

  • 2020's - Happy by: Pharrel Williams