Evolution of media arts

Timeline created by lamb2003
  • First telephone

    First telephone
    Patented by Alexander Graham bell in 1876, the telephone changed communication for centuries, and the effect of this invention is still felt. Only three years after the release of the telephone, there were already 49,000 telephones in use in the public. Telephones were heavily used in both world wars and were developed even more in the 20th century.
  • FIrst radio

    FIrst radio
    Created by German physicist Heinrich Hertz in 1886, it was the first practical radio transmitter. After this inventions (and many alterations), the radio became much more commercially used from 1900 to the late 1950's.
  • First microphone

    First microphone
    created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, the first microphone was not very practical for actual use, later in 1886 Thomas Alva Edison further developed the microphone into something more easily usable.
  • First motion picture

    First motion picture
    The first ever motion-picture was a short film called "Round hay Garden Scene". It is credited as the oldest surviving motion picture. It was directed by french inventor, Louis Le Prince, it is 2.11 seconds long however it still is considered a film.
  • First electronic television

    First electronic television
    Although many were credited to the creation of the T.V later, the actual creation of the first electric television was actually invented by Philo Taylor Farnsworth in 1927. Farnsworth's television was fully functional, electric and, officially patented (although the mechanical television predated the electric by nearly a decade and a half). Even though Philo Taylor Farnsworth had the patent for the first electric television, there were already patents for ideas or non-patented inventions.
  • Eniac is invented (first working computer/ calculator)

    Eniac is invented (first working computer/ calculator)
    Created during WW2 to be capable of solving highly complex mathematical problems and calculating information quicker than a human can, the Eniac (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was vital for calculating artillery settings (unlike the
    enigma machine) much quicker than a human can. This genius invention paved the way to more sophisticated computers in later decades.
  • FIrst ever music video

    FIrst ever music video
    The first every music video created was made in 1953, for the song "Stranger in paradise" by Tony Bennett was not the kind of music video we see today, rather it was many small promotional videos to advertise the new "talking videos" (video with sound) that was invented in the late 20's. Although there were songs and videos or animation created before, the video for stranger in paradise was more similar to the music videos we have now.
  • First laptop

    First laptop
    The first portable computer (or laptop) was the "Osborne 1" in 1981. It was invented by Adam Osborne for the purpose of doing the same thing as a regular computer but outside the home, workplace, etc. The Osborne 1 had a 5" screen and weighed 24 1/2-pounds.
  • Internet is created

    Internet is created
    In 1983, the internet was created, not by one person, but by many researchers over multiple years.Since the creation of the internet, it has continued to develop and become bigger and better than the original invention.
  • First cell phone

    First cell phone
    The first cell phone was released to the public in 1983, it retailed for 4,000 dollars and was not very efficient (The battery only lasted for 30 minutes). Despite these negatives, it paved the way for the smart phones we have today.