Evolution of Marvel- Sam Weaver

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In Film
  • Iron Man

    Iron Man is Marvels first movie to kick off their story line. This was a story of a man (Tony Stark) who builds a suit with the loads of money he has to defeat villains.
  • The Incredible Hulk

    Hulk is the second hero introduced to us by Marvel. In this film Hulk or Bruce Banner is exposed to something called Gamma, so when ever he gets angry he is no longer Bruce he is Hulk.
  • Iron man 2

    This is Marvels second movie connected to the story line. Tony Stark and his friend have to face off against whiplash, who has electrical whips.
  • Thor

    Thor is the third superhero Marvel has introduced to us. Instead of being on Earth like Iron Man, Thor takes us to another realm called Asguard. He eventually gets stuck in New Mexico and has to fight his evil brother Loki.
  • Captain America The First Avenger

    Captain America is fourth hero introduced by Marvel. Captain America or Steve Rogers takes us back to 1942, where a scrawny person becomes a super human. He uses these powers to fight a group called Hydra and there evil leader Red Skull. He is eventually frozen and wakes up in our time.
  • Avengers

    The avengers brings all of these unlikely heroes together. A group called shield and there leader Nick Fury bring Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye all together. I know your wondering, Hawkeye and Black Widow are Shields two best agents. Together all of these heroes fight Loki and his alien army.