Evolution of Tractor

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  • Invention of the Tractor

    Invention of the Tractor
    http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/john-froelich-inventor-of-the-gas-powered-tractor-is-born' >' >. John Froelich invented the first the first stable gas/petroleum powered traction motor, tractor. He tested it by threshing the field and it was successful. It was more reliable and could go three miles an hour. This new invention could thresh one thousand bushels a day.
  • The Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company

    The Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company
    WaterlooWaterloo Company was the first company to sell gasoline tractors. Created by John Froelich and other businessmen, it was based in Waterloo, Iowa. The company gave John Froelich the opportunity to sell his tractors. Unfortunetly, the customers were unsatisfied and they later sold the company to just work on gasoline engines.
  • Hart-Parr Company

    Hart-Parr Company
    Charles Hart and Charles Parr came together to create the company Hart-Parr. They started the manufacturing of tractors and they are known as the founders of the tractor industry. Both of them strived to build a better machine to cultivate the land by building large oil cooled tractors. They coined the name 'tractor'. Hart-Parr
  • Holt Company Creates Caterpillar Tractors

    Holt Company Creates Caterpillar Tractors
    Holt invents self laying tracks instead of the common wheel. He creasted his first track type and called it the caterpillar. It made its way accross a california field and became the first tractor that didn't have wheels. He then figured out how to power it with oil and the new tractor was ready for production.
  • Fordson

    Henry Ford created his own independent company called 'Henry Ford and Son'. He started his venture with Model F, the most basic model of the tractor. His goal was to make an affordable, lightweight and small tractor that appealed to the common people. Ford
  • Modern John Deere & Company Emerges

    Modern John Deere & Company Emerges
    Deere Deere buys the Waterloo company and the tractor becomes the base of the product. Although they only sold 5,634 tracotrs were sold, it started the Deere company in the field of tractors and led to the tractor we know today.
  • Three Point Hitch Tractor

    Three Point Hitch Tractor
    Henry Ferguson developed this kind of tractor, that is a standardized method of attaching equipment. The advantage is that it moves the equipment in a downward force that gives it better traction for plowing.
    Henry Ferguson