Evolution of EyeGlasses

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  • Jun 15, 1268

    The first EyeGlasses

    The first EyeGlasses
    Although no one really knows for sure when glasses were first invented. The first eyeglasses that could properly correct farsighted vison problems using convex lenses were probsbly invented in italy around 1268. they did not have arms that hanged on the ears, they simply perched on the nose. glasses of similar fashions were also being invented in china around the same time.
  • Jun 15, 1400

    Eyeglasses for nearsightedness

    eye glasses that used concave lenses to correct nearsightedness were invented in the 1400's
  • Glasses with arms

    The first of many small improvement that would make the glasses we have today. Glasses with arms that made the glasses more comfortable to wear were invented in the 1600's
  • Sunglasses

    In 1752, James Ayscough invented glasses with colored or tinted lenses to protect the eyes from the glare of sunlight. he also made arm hinges for glasses so they could open and close.
  • Bifocals

    glasses that combined convex and concave lenses to correct both farsightedness and nearsightedness were invented y benjamin franklin. these kinds of glasses are common today.
  • Contact lenses are invented

    in 1887, a new way of correcting vision is made. A.E. Fick, a Swiss physician. makes a small glass lens that unlike regular glasses, makes direct contact with the eye. his lenses were made of glass and covered a large part of the eye, being held in place by the eyelids. they also only corrected farsightedness.
  • Contact lenses for nearsightedness

    The Contact lenses are improved and made to correct nearsightness by August Muller
  • Plastic Contact lenses

    Plastic contact lenses are made by the california optician Kevin Tuohy. these correct the same sight problems but are more comfortable to wear
  • Soft and Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses

    A problem with contact lenses was that they would block the cornea's intake of external oxygen. which would cause irritation. this problem was solved when contact lenses that were made out of a Gas-permeable material were invented in the 1700's, these allowed oxyen to pass through to the cornea.
  • Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

    companies begin devolping lenses that can project images with a 180 field of view, these could be ready for FDA testing as early as 2014.
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    Jan 1, 1268

    History of EyeGlasses

    The evolution of EyeGlasses from the beggining to most recent.