Evolution of Disney Princesses

Timeline created by Ahu
In Film
  • Snow White

    Snow White
    First Disney Princesses, from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". She had the standard “a princess needs a man in her life” to have a happily ever after, waiting for her prince.
  • Cinderella

    Second Disney Princesses, from “Cinderella”. In the Silver Age, the Disney Princesses at this time were all pretty much the same except with different looks and stories.
  • Aurora

    Third Disney Princess, from “Sleeping Beauty”. Aurora only had 18 lines in her own movie. The princesses built the stereotype of a disney princess, thin, white, kind, and pretty. Waiting for their prince charming to save them.
  • Ariel

    Fourth Disney Princess, from “The Little Mermaid”. Introduced a “renaissance area” for disney princesse. Ariel was the first to be more rebellious. She is the first princess with real dreams other than to marry someone.
  • Belle

    Fifth Disney Princess, from “Beauty and the Beast”. Belle was more independent and smarter. She had good intentions and wasn’t looking for someone to save her.
  • Jasmine

    Sixth Disney Princess, from “Aladdin". Jasmine was the first princess representing a different race and the first to marry someone who wasn’t a prince. She defied many cultural and gender roles that were placed, making her a hero figure.
  • Pocahontas

    Seventh Disney Princess, from “Pocahontas”. She had good judgment and morals and was the first disney princess to not marry someone in the film.
  • Mulan

    Eighth Disney Princess, from “Mulan”. Mulan was seen as a stronger and braver princesses and was seen as a leader despite her gender.
  • Tiana

    Ninth Disney Princess, from “The Princess and the Frog”. Tiana was the first African American princess, it had a better cultural representation then the others.
  • Rapunzul

    Tenth Disney Princess, from “Tangled”. Rapunzul was seen as also needing to be saved but ended up saving Flynn too. She was also the first princess with magical powers herself.
  • Merida

    Eleventh Disney Princess, from "Brave". First princess to be made from Pixar, to not have a love interest, and even to have brothers.
  • Anna and Elsa

    Anna and Elsa
    Twelfth and Thirteenth Disney Princess, from "Frozen". From a very popular film. Mostly fixated on sisterly love. Anna seemed to be more of a classic disney princess, just with a different personality. Elsa is the first queen disney princess. Elsa was originally going to be a villain in the story.
  • Moana

    Fourteenth Disney Princess, from "Moana". The first polynisun princess, and the first to have a realistic body type. The newest princess and had no love interest in the film.